What an Anand!


When an Indian Journalist quite foolishly asked Viswanathan Anand at the FIDE World Championship 2013 at Chennai if he was following “Sachin’s Farewell” series, Anand quite honestly and frankly answered “no”, and wished Sachin all the best for his life ahead. But for a sports journalist covering the World Chess Championship to ask a champion defending his world title if he was watching cricket at such a serious time was a little ‘overboard’ even for a cricket obsessed country like ours.

It seems Anand the master couldn’t have chosen a better time to qualify for a rematch with Magnus Carlsen than amidst the ongoing T20 World cup as a reply to that insult. When it seemed like the champion’s time for ‘hanging up his boots’ had arrived and everybody from the media to the experts had written him off, the master pulled a trick out of his hat and became the second oldest player to qualify for a rematch in Chess history (since 1946).

A mouthwatering rematch with Magnus Carlsen who holds great admiration for the Indian great is on its way. Anand, who sports a great record when he plays the same opponent for the same title in a rematch can hope for a legendary win against the contemporary great. As for chess enthusiasts and Anand fans, let the MIND GAMES begin!

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Edited by Staff Editor