"Probably not" "Oh man I hope so": CBB fans divided over potential NCAA basketball video game amid EA Sports College Football 25 announcement

Fans talk about a college basketball game after College Football 25 announcement
Fans talk about a college basketball game after College Football 25 announcement (Credit - Instagram)

College football fans can now experience thrilling matches not just from the stands, but from their joysticks as well. EA Sports launched the trailer for College Football 25 a few days ago on YouTube, which grabbed a lot of attention from both football and college basketball fans.

After the announcement of the CFB game, there was discussion on social media platforms like Reddit about the possibility of a college basketball game.

Fans were divided on Reddit about the possibility of such a game as some called it a far-fetched dream, while others talked about the failure of one such game that was launched in the past but didn't get the required attention.

"Probably not. It didn't sell well before," said one fan.
Comment byu/SmurfQueef_ from discussion inNCAAFBseries
"Oh man I hope so. 2k or EA, I don' care just gimme som college hoops again!" said another.
Comment byu/SmurfQueef_ from discussion inNCAAFBseries

Some fans said that other game publications besides EA could make this a possibility in the future.

"Not from EA. We may get one from a smaller publisher. CFB is a small niche compared to Madden and FIFA, and Cbball is even smaller," one fan stated.
"Hopefully not made by EA," stated another.

Fans argued that CBB won't be as popular as the other sports and that EA is unlikely to invest in a game that wouldn't be possible due to low sales.

"Unlikely. The games went away long before any of the legal issues dispute them being the reason for them lol. CBB is much more niche than CFB," a fan said.
"Zero chance. The football game died due to legal trouble but it was always selling like hotcakes before. The ball games got phased out years before that due to not selling. I know 'me and my friends would buy it' but that accounts for like 5 people. EA ain't wasting resources on that," a fan claimed.

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What is the possible future of College Basketball Game?

Syndication: Journal-Courier
Syndication: Journal-Courier

EA Sports had a college basketball video game series running from 1998 until 2009, but it failed to gain popularity, likely due to the sport's lack of appeal at the collegiate level. But CBB has recently surged in popularity, breaking viewership records.

Players like Caitlin Clark, Zach Edey, Donovan Clingan, JuJu Watkins, Angel Reese and many more have brought new attention to college basketball. This was seen during March Madness 2024, where the women's final between Iowa and South Carolina recorded 18.7 million viewers.

Keeping these things in mind, the possibility of a CBB game in the future cannot be denied.

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