5 reasons why Lane Kiffin to Texas A&M becomes a real-time possibility after Jimbo Fisher firing

Lane Kiffin to Texas A&M could be interesting
Lane Kiffin to Texas A&M could be interesting

Lane Kiffin to Texas A&M may sound crazy to think about at first. Why would he leave Ole Miss to go to a place that just fired their coach after building a program since 2020? However, there are many reasons why this pairing seems to make a lot of sense for each side.

Here, we are going to discuss the five reasons why the pairing of the Texas A&M Aggies and coach Lane Kiffin seems perfect.

#1 Sticking it to Jimbo Fisher

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Getting rid of your coach mid-season is one thing, but replacing him with one of his nemeses is another. Kiffin loved to push Jimbo Fisher's buttons and get under his skin while winning all three games against him.

Even after the game was finished, Kiffin would continue to take shots and get Fisher aggravated. Having that as a final nail in Fisher's coffin is a great reason, but it should not be the only reason to hire a coach.

#2 Certified winner

This one has more legitimacy as Lane Kiffin has proven to bring a winning culture in all his collegiate coaching spots. He utilizes the NCAA Transfer Portal and recruits well to the point the programs he is in charge of are consistently winning.

Just look at his recent success. He has won 10+ games in four of his last seven seasons between Ole Miss and Florida Atlantic. Building programs is what he does best, and this would be no different with the state of Texas at his fingertips, a hotbed for college football.

#3 Brings Legitimacy to the program

After the trainwreck that was Jimbo Fisher's tenure at Texas A&M, this is something the Aggies need. They have to get back to having a strong leader, and Lane Kiffin is the perfect person to do that.

He can dominate and work the officials for his team. He also has a lot of respect throughout the college football ranks, so the familiarity will breed success to the program.

#4 Helps keep them relevant in SEC

With the additions of the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners next season to the SEC, the Texas A&M Aggies continue to move further down the totem pole. Having a legendary coach like Lane Kiffin is a way to expect the team to get some buzz.

This Aggies program has some good pieces, but a strong coach like Kiffin, similar to Brian Kelly at LSU, can elevate it. With all these outstanding teams, Texas A&M need to make sure they can stay relevant.

#5 Best coach available

This is the main reason why the move should happen. If Lane Kiffin is available for an athletic department to sign, he is the best coach on the market. He has proven to be a winner at every stop he goes, and with a 94-49 all-time college coaching record, it is difficult to imagine a reason to say no to him if you are the Texas A&M Aggies.

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