5 reasons why Ryan Day to Texas A&M becomes viable post Jimbo Fisher's departure 

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Ryan Day to Texas A&M becomes a real time possibility

Ryan Day to Texas A&M has been one of the bigger rumors swirling around the college football world. There have been some reports linking the pair, as the Aggies are in the midst of their coaching search since firing Jimbo Fisher earlier this month. What are some reasons that Ohio State coach Ryan Day would make the jump to College Station?

Ryan Day to Texas A&M Reason #1: Dominating SEC is a Mountain

The Big Ten has some strong teams but it is nothing compared to the SEC. Going up against programs like the Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Bulldogs, Ole Miss Rebels, Texas Longhorns and LSU Tigers, to name a few, is going to be a huge test on a weekly basis.

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This allows Ryan Day to match up against some of the best coaches in the nation as well.

#2: Recruiting

The high school recruits in the state of Texas are always full of collegiate superstars, as it is a hotbed for dominant players on both sides of the football.

Having that advantage in recruiting would be intriguing to any coach and Ryan Day is no different. This allows him to establish his own legacy and not be handed a dominant program from the get-go.

#3: A New Challenge

The Texas A&M Aggies are something that could be enticing. When Day took over for Urban Meyer, he was taking over a program that had been a national power for years already.

Texas A&M is a team with talent in a loaded SEC and could improve with a talented coach like Day calling the shots.

#4: Money Talks

The Ohio State Buckeyes have coach Ryan Day under contract until 2028, as he is making $66.5 million, or $9.5 million annually.

With the Aggies paying a record contract buyout to get rid of Jimbo Fisher, they would need to pay a pretty penny in order to get Ryan Day to leave Columbus under his own volition.

#5: Ohio State Fires Him

There are two things that the Ohio State Buckeyes care about: winning national championships and defeating the Michigan Wolverines.

The second thing is something Ryan Day has not done, as the Buckeyes have lost the last two games against the Wolverines heading into their Week 13 clash.

Could he be fired for a loss this season? Possibly.

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