"Better than Madden" "Looks challenging and intriguing": Fans react to EA Sports College Football 25 new kicking meter

EA Sports College Football 25 has a new kicking meter (Sources: @AlabamaFTBL (X), Oregonfootball (Instagram))
EA Sports College Football 25 has a new kicking meter (Sources: @AlabamaFTBL (X), Oregonfootball (Instagram))

The release of EA Sports College Football 25 is slowly inching closer, and fans are starting to get an idea of what the game will look like. On Friday, college football fans were able to get a look at the games kicking meter.

The meter seen in this game differs from what fans have noticed in the EA Sports Madden Series. But still, fans were locked into drawing comparisons.

"Glad it’s different from madden," wrote this fan.
"I like it tbh makes it not feel like Madden's and feels new." wrote another fan.
"Better than Madden," wrote a third fan.

These fans believe that the new kicking meter will present players with a challenge when trying to put the ball through the uprights.

"I need to try it first. Looks challenging and intriguing." wrote this fan
"W, hopefully makes kicking more challenging." wrote another fan.
"Kicking is basically automatic now. Love a little challenge." wrote a third fan.
"I like how they are making things more challenging. The 14 kicking was too easy and predictable. Same with passing. Loving the videos today" wrote a passionate fan.

Finally, a couple of them were making suggestions on how to further improve the kicking system in the game.

"I like it as long as the green section changes with the kicker's composure.." wrote this fan.
"Wonder if it’ll get affected if you’re the visiting team and the stadium is roaring," wrote this fan.
" Kickers are worse in college so I'd hope it would be harder (as it seems to be) to make it feel more realistic" wrote this fan.

Predicting the best-rated kicker in EA Sports College Football 25

The player ratings for EA Sports College Football 25 have not been released yet, but some kickers could be exceptionally good.

One kicker likely to be highly rated is the Texas Longhorns' Bert Auburn. Auburn was one of the strongest kickers in college football last year and had a 100% record on extra points, with his accuracy falling to 82% on field goals.

Another player who could be highly rated is Alabama Crimson Tide kicker Graham Nicholson, who will be replacing Will Reichard. Nicholson played the last three seasons with Miami and is the current holder of the Lou Groza Award for the best kicker.

What do you think of the kicking meter in EA Sports College Football 25?

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