Deion Sanders thanks entire Colorado crew for fun weekend as players engage in fun bonding adventures

NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game
Deion Sanders has taken some of his players on a weekend away

Deion Sanders is preparing his Colorado Buffaloes team for the upcoming college football season. This campaign may be an upward struggle for the Buffaloes, who are coming off a disappointing four-win season last year.

The team needs to not only improve but also have strong leaders to help push it forward. Luckily, this weekend, Deion Sanders took members of the Buffaloes program, who he dubbed the "leadership group," for a bonding trip.

"Great weekend with our @cubuffsfootball leadership group. Thank you to all whom made this weekend possible"

Some of the highly talented players on the Buffaloes roster were invited on this trip. Quarterback Shedeur Sanders, Deion's son, and cornerback Travis Hunter were two of them.

Shedeur and Hunter were the standout parts of a Buffaloes team that struggled to deliver on all sides of the ball last year. So, their appearance as part of the "Leadership Group" should come as no suprise.

They will hope to use their status in the locker room to help the new Buffaloes players settle in with Deion Sanders' system, as well as pushing them to become the best players they can be.

As a whole, the leadership retreat was a combination of team bonding activities that will bring everyone together and united under a common goal and fun. However, there were many absentees from the Leadership Group picture that Sanders posted on Instagram. One notable one is Deion's other son, Shilo Sanders.

Like his brother, Shilo Sanders was one of the Buffaloes' best defensive players last season. He recorded 67 tackles and had one interception, which went for an 80-yard pick six touchdown.

Shilo could be seen as one of the Buffaloes' team leaders. So why wasn't he present at the "Leadership Group" retreat with his father and brother?

Why was Deion Sanders' son, Shilo, not on the trip?

Shilo Sanders has been in the news this week for a somewhat surprising reason. It has been reported this week that Shilo had filed for bankruptcy in late 2023. That was in relation to an unpaid fee of $11.89 million in relation to a civil lawsuit.

However, the bankruptcy news is not why Shilo Sanders didn't attend the aforementioned event. The reason he didn't attend is because he's not a leader. He's what his father Deion Sanders calls "a dawg."

The Colorado Buffaloes don't use the term "captain" to signify a team leader. Deion uses the terms "leaders" and "Dawgs" to show which players are key to the team. That's the reason why Buffaloes jersey can be seen with a L or a D on then.

Sanders has given a explanation for the difference between a leader and a dawg:

“I don’t believe in no captains. I believe in leaders and dawgs. Every dawg ain’t a leader, and every leader ain’t a dawg!”

The trip was for the leaders, and Shilo Sanders is not deemed one. He is a dawg in the eyes of Deion Sanders.

Nevertheless, do you think this trip will help the Colorado Buffaloes with the 2024 season?

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