Michigan 2024 football schedule: Full list of Wolverines’ Big Ten opponents for 2024, 2025 and regular season outlook

Michigan Spring Football Game
A view of Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor

The Michigan Wolverines' 2024 football schedule has been announced. This is coming subsequent to the new changes being effected by the Big Ten such as doing away with the divisions and the addition of new members, UCLA and USC.

While the exact dates are not known yet, a list of the 12 opponents Michigan will face over the next two seasons is out. Another interesting new development is the protected rivalry games. Check out the opponents on Michigan's 2024 football schedule and that of 2025 below.

Michigan's 2024 football schedule

Michigan’s nonconference games for 2024 are already scheduled:

  • Michigan vs Fresno State on August 31
  • Michigan vs Texas on September 7
  • Michigan vs Arkansas State on September 21

Michigan is now guaranteed to face its protected rivals annually. In effect, what this means is that the Wolverines will be away at Ohio State at the end of the regular season and play host to Michigan State in October or early in November.

The rest of Michigan 2024 football schedule is:

  • Illinois vs Michigan
  • Rutgers vs Michigan
  • USC vs Michigan
  • Michigan vs Maryland
  • Michigan vs Minnesota
  • Michigan vs UCLA
  • Michigan vs Winsconsin

Michigan's 2025 football schedule

For its nonconference games in 2025, Michigan will be paired with the following teams:

  • Michigan vs New Mexico on August 30
  • Oklahoma vs Michigan on September 6
  • Michigan vs Central Michigan on September 13

The protected rivalry games against Ohio State and Michigan State part of the 2025 season. The Wolverines will host Ohio State on Thanksgiving weekend while their game against Michigan State will be away at East Lansing.

Here's the rest of Michigan's football schedule for 2025:

  • Indiana vs Michigan
  • Iowa vs Michigan
  • Maryland vs Michigan
  • Nebraska vs Michigan
  • Michigan vs Northwestern
  • Michigan vs Penn State
  • Michigan vs Purdue

Season outlook for Michigan in 2024 and 2025

Michigan’s 2024 schedule promises some exciting and tough matchups. The nonconference game against Texas is surely one to look out for. Protected rivalry games against Ohio State and Michigan State are another couple of interesting games to look forward to.

The 2025 schedule is not any easier as the team will be on the road for six games. One of those is going to be against Oklahoma, and one can expect it to be a marquee showdown. Against Penn State, the Wolverines will be at home, but that will make the game no less tough.

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