3 comic books that inspired The Batman

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

With The Batman right around the corner, DC Comics has released a box set of three iconic Batman graphic novels that inspired this new movie. Matt Reeves has been very open about his inspirations for his take on The Caped Crusader, from crime thrillers like Zodiac and Chinatown to Kurt Cobain's Something in the Way.

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But the biggest inspiration for bringing Batman to the big screen is definitely going back to the incredible volume of stories on the page. Trying to get into Batman comics might be a little intimidating because of how many excellent stories it has. DC has made the job easy for you by preparing this excellent box set.

Here are the 3 graphic novels in The Batman Box Set

1) Batman: The Long Halloween


Matt Reeves has teased fans about finally showcasing Batman's detective skills in his movie, making sense as to why The Long Halloween has been touted as the biggest inspiration for The Batman.

The Long Halloween is a murder mystery where a mysterious new serial killer, who goes by the name The Holiday, has been killing off Gotham's elite one-by-one on each holiday.

Being early in Batman's career, the story tests his detective skills in a way we have never seen before. The graphic novel allows Batman to confront almost every villain from his Rogues Gallery as he investigates the case.

It is also a perfect introduction to the character for new readers as you get introduced to almost all the Batman characters in one story and get a taste of their iconic origins.

2) Batman: Year One


Frank Miller's reimagining of Batman's origins is a staple of his comic lore. Year One serves as a perfect introduction to Bruce Wayne and his rise as Gotham's Dark Knight.

While Matt Reeves has said that The Batman takes place in Bruce's year two of being the caped crusader, the inspiration drawn from Frank Miller's work is very apparent. From the barebones approach to Batman's technology to Bruce's inexperience, a lot of Year One's essence makes it into the movie.

3) Batman: Ego and Other Tales


Darwin Cooke's classic Batman story might not have been an inspiration for any plot point in the movie, but its exploration of Bruce Wayne's psychology is clearly present in The Batman.

The duality of Bruce's two identities between the billionaire playboy and masked vigilante is a common theme, but Batman: Ego truly breaks down the character to his core and makes him confront his darkest demons.

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