Avatar Way of the Water: James Cameron flips off fans waiting for his autograph

james cameron flips fans
James Cameron at an event for Deepsea Challange (Image via IMDb)

James Cameron, Hollywood's legendary filmmaker, is also one of the most controversial in the industry. While Cameron is known to make blockbuster movies using novel technology, the filmmaker has also had his fair share of tiffs with fans.

One such recent incident happened on December 20, 2022, where Cameron was seen flipping off a crowd of fans. As the filmmaker got into his car and his fans booed him for not giving an autograph, James popped down the car window and showed them the finger. This caused his fans to boo even louder.

The incident happened right after James Cameron attended the screening of his new film, Avatar: The Way of Water, in Los Angeles and was leaving. As seen in the video, the filmmaker refused to stop for the crowd of fans gathered outside the WGA building to get his autograph. As Cameron ignored the crowd and started walking off, his fans gathered in the crowd booed him, and one person even swore in response, saying,

"F**k Avatar."

Meanwhile, this is how some fans reacted on Twitter to the incident outside the WGA building.

With the crowd of fans booing James Cameron, calling him a "jerk" and "annoying," some fans even called the filmmaker a "legend" and argued that the people booing him weren't his real fans.

This is not the first time James Cameron got irked by the fans


A few years earlier, a similar incident happened with the filmmaker. After the release of the first Avatar movie in 2010, Cameron got into an altercation with a fan at LAX airport. As the filmmaker exited the airport, a fan came asking for an autograph and waited for one as Cameron stood there waiting for his car to arrive. It was during this time that the filmmaker said to the fan,

I don't owe you a f**king signature, just get out of my f**king personal space!

Minds will be blown: James Cameron on Avatar 2

A still from Avatar: The Way of Water (Image via IMDb)
A still from Avatar: The Way of Water (Image via IMDb)

In a recent interview with Variety, James Cameron praised his now-released film Avatar: The Way of Water when asked why people should see the movie in theaters and he said:

"Minds will be blown. That was our goal. We would fail if we did not do that. Whether you see it in 2D or 3D, it’s authored for the big screen. Here’s the part that people will be surprised by or are not expecting. They see the trailer and it kind of looks like a brochure for a weekend on Bora Bora. It’s all about beauty and the promise of being transported to another world and getting to enjoy it. That’s part of it."

James Cameron further went on to say:

"But there’s another thing that happens when you go to a movie theater. You make a contract with yourself to give that movie its time — three hours and two minutes, in the case of ours. You give it time to work on you, and you don’t get up. You don’t go order a pizza. You don’t talk to your pals and put it on pause. It’s a different level of commitment.

He further stated:

But what you get is a different level of impact. You add that on top of the sense of presence that you get from the 3D experience, the sense that I’m there on Pandora. You’re going to get that in the theater. Now, you can watch it on streaming later, but you’ll never have that deep experience. This movie’s going to hit people a lot harder than they think."

With everything said and done, each time James Cameron is in the news, it is either because of his remarks about people or because of his movies. Nevertheless, Cameron is a great filmmaker who's pushed the boundaries of filmmaking with each project he's done.

Avatar: The Way of Water has been released in theaters worldwide on December 16, 2022.

Edited by Sayati Das
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