Gen V episode 5 revisits Black Noir's Buster Beaver incident in ways no one expected

Gen V episode 5
Gen V episode 5 (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

The fifth episode of Gen V was released on October 13, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET on Prime Video, and it rekindled Black Noir’s traumatic past concerning the Buster Beaver incident. The episode showcased some major moments describing how Black Noir's psyche deteriorated after the incident surfaced at the restaurant.

This episode took the audience back to Buster Beaver's restaurant, a place of haunting memories for Black Noir. It delicately unveiled the emotional and psychological torment he endured, providing a deeper glimpse into his character. Unexpectedly portrayed, Gen V's exploration of Black Noir's past captivated viewers while also setting the stage for forthcoming episodes on Prime Video.

Gen V episode 5 unmasks Black Noir's terrible past life in mysterious ways

1) The heart-wrenching mental regression and hallucinations

After a brutal Homelander beating, mental trauma cripples Black Noir to the point that he goes back into his shell and thinks like a 7-year-old boy. The fact that he has regressed to a time that might be considered easier or safer in his mind demonstrates the influence of this trauma on his psyche.

With Black Noir’s downfall to mental regression, he strives hard to see mascots from the Buster Beaver’s Pizza Restaurant. However, it is interesting to note that these hallucinations are not simply random but appear to be linked mostly to one traumatic incident that happened in the course of his past at the Buster Beaver’s restaurant, meant as a coping mechanism or escapism.

He hallucinates the animated mascots from the restaurant that become alive and give him companionship or emotional support.

2) The past confrontations through animated flashback

In an unforeseen twist, the new episode in Gen V skillfully employs an animated flashback orchestrated by Buster Beaver. This captivating sequence takes us deep into Black Noir's past conflicts, shedding light on his animosity with the 'Rapture' singer. Surprisingly, their disagreement over Beverly Hills Co. is revealed as the root cause of their tension.

The episode seamlessly alternates between Black Noir's current situation and an animated flashback of his past. This interplay adds layers to the story, providing insight into Black Noir's mindset and enhancing the overall depth.

3) The incessant physical and mental abuse

Buster Beaver tells a story in the animated narrative about Black Noir’s years of physical and mental maltreatment, which alters his image entirely for the spectators. The storyline aims to not only make the reader relate to Black Noir but also to reveal some of the deeper aspects of his personality.

The latest Gen V episode uncovers a disturbing truth about Black Noir's past, reve­aling the harrowing extent of physical abuse he has endured. This torment is inflicted upon him by none other than Homelander, one of the most formidable Supes in existence. The brutality of this mistreatment leaves Black Noir tragically battered and disfigured.

4) The horrifying attachment to the jilted restaurant

The chilling visualization of Black Noir’s attachment to the now deserted Buster Beaver’s restaurant, the place where he found comfort among his imaginary ‘friends’ after each grueling work day, evokes a pitiable scene of one lonely superhero. In this case, the dismal and dense scenery frames the revisit, highlighting an important yet decayed aspect of Black Noir's past.

5) A deep dive into Black Noir's life

Episode 5 of Gen V further explores Black Noir's identity with a mysterious location known as "The Woods," rumored to be a clandestine facility where superheroes endure experimental trials. Speculation arises that Black Noir himself might have been held captive within these shadowed confines.

This theory gains traction due to the discovery of paintings showcasing woodland scenes within The Woods, which seemingly align with Black Noir's hallucinations of woodland creatures in season 3 of The Boys.

The Boys series exposed the most shocking secrets of Black Noir in season 3. It uncovered the fact that Black Noir belonged to Soldier Boy’s Payback team before he joined Seven. Noir's character became open to a closer examination, showing that his silent way of being with the mask and its marketing effect originated from deeper social problems.

He was aware that during this period, the era’s racial biases would prevent him from revealing his true identity, hence he had to stick to the popular “silent ninja” gimmick.

Gen V episode 6 will air on October 20, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET on the streaming giant Amazon Prime Video.

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