Invincible: 5 Viltrumites who are worse than Omni-Man, ranked by strength

Power Beyond Belief: Ranking Viltrumites Stronger Than Omni-Man (Image via Sportskeeda)
Power Beyond Belief: Ranking Viltrumites Stronger Than Omni-Man (Image via Sportskeeda)

In the celebrated series Invincible, Omni-Man's revelation as a double agent for the Viltrumite Empire sent shockwaves through fans. While his treachery positioned him as an iconic antagonist, there exist Viltrumites who surpass him in raw strength and sheer malevolence.

Rich with complexity and depth, this universe introduces characters that challenge even Omni-Man's might. Let's delve deeper into a realm where five Viltrumites, more formidable than Omni-Man himself, reign supreme, each showcasing their distinct brand of power and ruthlessness.

The Viltrumite Empire, as depicted, is a confluence of ambition, deceit, and overwhelming strength. Each character has a tale to tell, a legacy they uphold, and battles they've conquered.

While Omni-Man's narrative arc remains a cornerstone, the shadows cast by these five other Viltrumites reveal the vast expanse of the universe that creator Robert Kirkman has masterfully woven.

General Kregg, Mark Grayson and 3 other characters worse than Omni-Man, ranked by strength

5) Anissa

Anissa, a formidable Viltrumite warrior, entered the narrative of Invincible with a singular purpose - to convince Mark Grayson (Invincible) to aid the Viltrumite Empire's ambition to conquer Earth.

From the outset, Anissa's fervor and dedication to her mission were evident. However, when Mark rejects her overtures, she responds with hostility that escalates to a personal assault against Mark, revealing a darker facet of her character.

Over time, Anissa's trajectory witnessed a transformation. Marrying a human and birthing a daughter, her life on Earth underwent a semblance of normalcy. But perhaps the most significant aspect of her evolution was her decision to raise her son, Marky.

In a testament to her newfound allegiance, Anissa's ultimate sacrifice was to protect Mark and Eve from danger, a poignant conclusion to her journey from foe to ally.

Her reputation as the most formidable female Viltrumite in the series is a testament to her strength.

4) General Kregg

Within the echelons of the Viltrumite Empire, General Kregg held significant influence. Entrusted with critical assignments, he was the one who beckoned Invincible to undertake the mission of Earth's Conquest.

However, politics and power dynamics are ever-shifting. Kregg's adaptability was showcased when he allied himself with Nolan (Omni-Man) post his ascendancy, signifying his knack for aligning with power.

Yet, what makes Kregg particularly captivating is his distinct cybernetic eye. More than just a visual marker, this eye augments his combat capabilities, lending him an edge in battles.

His elevated position within the Viltrumite hierarchy, just behind the indomitable Regent Thragg, speaks volumes about his might and strategic importance.

3) Conquest

Conquest's reputation as a battle-hardened Viltrumite is legendary. Relishing every opportunity to engage in combat, his psychopathic tendencies were evident in his unwavering commitment to vanquishing the foes of the Viltrumite Empire.

When he targeted Earth, it wasn't for reconnaissance or diplomacy; it was a mission to eliminate Invincible. The ensuing confrontation was one for the ages, leaving both Atom Eve and Invincible on the brink.

Despite his seemingly aged visage, underestimating Conquest would be a grave mistake. His physical prowess places him amongst the elite Viltrumites.

His battles with Invincible, especially during the Viltrumite War, showcased his tenacity. Had Conquest not been at a stamina disadvantage during their prolonged duel, the outcome might have favored this old warhorse.

2) Mark Grayson / Invincible

Invincible, or Mark Grayson, stands as the cornerstone of the series. Adopting the superhero moniker after a casual conversation with his high school principal, Mark's life was anything but ordinary.

Initially basking in the stories spun by Omni-Man about their noble lineage and purpose, Mark's world was turned upside down when confronted with the reality of their mission on Earth and Omni-Man's chilling indifference to humanity.

Throughout his adventures, Invincible confronted various challenges - from extraterrestrial endeavors to discovering hidden family ties and facing profound moral conundrums.

His battles, especially with adversaries like Conquest, showcased his physical prowess and evolving moral compass. Whether it was siding temporarily with Dinosaurus or reconciling with the violent realities of his heritage, Mark's journey is a testament to resilience and growth.

1) Thragg

Thragg's reputation precedes him. As the uncontested leader of the Viltrumite Empire, his rule was characterized by sheer might and unyielding authority. Bred to be unparalleled in strength and strategy, Thragg epitomized the Viltrumite ideal.

His decision to direct the remnants of his people to Earth post the destruction of Viltrum showcased his unwavering commitment to the survival and dominance of the Viltrumite race.

However, Thragg's reign was not without its challenges. His discovery of Omni-Man (Nolan) and Mark's royal lineage threatened his command, leading to events that would see him exiled and on a path to rebuild his dominion.

Confronting formidable adversaries like the Battle Beast and eventually meeting his end at the hands of Invincible, Thragg's legacy in the series is undeniable - a ruler who, despite his methods, was unyielding in his commitment to his people.

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