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If I offended anyone, it was never my intention: Brad Haddin

Gopal P
10.91K   //    31 Mar 2015, 15:54 IST
Brad Haddin gestures a send-off to a Kiwi batsman as he got out during the finals

After having come under fire for justifying his rough tongued send-offs to New Zealand batsmen during the World Cup final, Australian wicket-keeper Brad Haddin has sent out an apology of sorts claryifing that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

"We were celebrating a World Cup win and enjoying ourselves after a long tournament, If I offended anyone, it was never my intention." clarified Haddin

During the finals, Brad Haddin was vociferous behind the stumps while the Kiwi wickets fell and even gave unceremonious send-offs to Martin Guptil and Grant Elliot.

Later, on Monday morning, while talking to an Australian radio station, Haddin had expressed that he sledged the Kiwi players for he found them to be too nice when the Australian team visited New Zealand for their group fixture and felt uncomfortable at that. Thereupon, he had decided to ruffle up his opponents in the final, “I revealed in the team-meeting that I can't stand for this anymore, we're going at them as hard as we can.”

This kind of vindication about his inappropriate behavior on the field did not go down well with the public, especially the New Zealanders. Soon after the statement reached the ears of the outside world, people slammed the Australian severely for being absurd and ungentlemanly in a gentleman’s game.

Even Twitter was fully punctuated with the hastag “#ThingsThatMakeHaddinUncomfortable” as people took a humourous dig at Brad Haddin’s gesture. Realising that things have unprecedentedly taken a wrong turn, Haddin spoke out to clear the air. The 37-year-old wicket-keeper finally confessed, “In hindsight, we should have stayed off the radio.”

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