5 Famous Cameos in Cricket History | D Karthik v Bangla, Stokes' Heart Break
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5 Famous & Nail-Biting Cameos in Cricket History
Ever since the emergence of limited-overs cricket, attacking batsmanship has become the calling card of plenty of batsmen in the game. However, the 1990s saw an explosion in power hitting from batsmen all over the world due to the innovations brought about by Martin Crowe in the 1992 World Cup. Cricket has not been the same since. Batsmen got used to the idea that it was okay to lose a couple of wickets as long as the runs were scored at a fast rate as it helped dent the opposition bowlers' confidence.

The emergence of T20 cricket has further added to the importance of short, fast innings that completely change the game. Hence, cameos have become much more frequent than ever before. Here is a look at some of the most famous cameos that have been played in international cricket over the years.