Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate reveals new trailer with Metroid cross-over

Monster 4 Ultimate reveals Metroid cross over

Capcom released the new trailer of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, that lets you play as Samus throughout the game and features Metroid content.

In this trailer Samus wields a variety of weapons from an enormous gun to bow and arrow and to melee weapons. Sheβ€˜ll be able to wear both of her suits armoured suit and Zero suit. No other details have been released like switching between both her versions and how the content will be made available.

This isn’t the only cross-over reported in the game, there are Animal crossing costumes and appearence of Sonic this game. According to sources, the Metroid content decision was made for the Western audience, keeping in mind the Metroid series hit in US.

Monster 4 Ultimate is the augmented version of Monster Hunter 4 and is expected to release in Nintendo 3DS in early 2015.

Watch the new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate trailer here:


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