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Murdered: Soul Suspect - Game preview and what gamers can expect

Snehartho Dey
3.26K   //    06 May 2014, 12:20 IST

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Ever thought of solving a crime where the murder victim is no one other than you? Confused?Well, Airtight Games and Square Enix don’t seem to be as they are ready to make us experience that unreal situation through their upcoming action-adventure game title Murdered: Soul Suspect.

The game is set to come out on the first week of June (4th and 6th for North America and Europe respectively) and will be available for gamers on all major consoles including PS3,PS4,Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

About the game :

Set in Salem, Massachusetts, the game follows the afterlife events of Detective Ronan O’Connor after he is murdered by a serial killer. The detective thriller allows the gamer to explore a limbo world called Dusk, where Connor is trapped in his supernatural form.

With a mission to find the mysterious Bell killer, Connor will use his new spiritual abilities to investigate his murder by reading the minds of the living world and influencing their thoughts and actions without the power to communicate with them. His interrogation will also include questioning the ghosts of the past citizens of Salem and survive demonic spirits to reveal the truth behind his death.

Limited edition version and Pre-order info :

Regarding the game’s limited edition release and pre-order status, a major announcement was made by the developer’s on the game’s official site.

We’re very happy to bring you some exciting news today, regarding Murdered: Soul Suspect. As you will have seen in our previous announcements, the game will be released this coming June, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 and Windows PC. In addition to the normal version ofthe game, we are very happy to now announce a LIMITED EDITION version for Europe!

In Europe, this Limited Edition version of the game (pictured below) will include a secret journal, used by Ronan and Joy to uncover leads about the murders terrorising the people of Salem. This collectable journal gives you special insight into the game, featuring details about the events in the story, as well as the killer, and includes special never-before-seen artwork. A great addition to any game collection, you won’t want to miss out on this one! This version will (as the name suggests) be available in very limited numbers, so make sure you pre-order it to guarantee your copy.

The Limited Edition version will also include a special Digital Strategy Map. There’s a lot to uncover in Salem, with this map you’ll get the low-down on all the game items, side quests and easter eggs that Salem has to offer within the game. The map will be accessible via computer or tablet, making it a perfect companion when you finally get hands-on with the game this June.”

Development and Gameplay :

The development details haven’t been publicly revealed by the game developers. But they have used an indirect route through twitter to keep the audience engaged in a puzzled state.

The protagonist Connor takes the help of a young psychic medium Joy, to find the victims of the Bell Killer in order to hunt him down. This will require a lot of investigation techniques as the gamer has to go through key areas in order to obtain the relevant clues and progress to the next stage of the game.

Discovering all the clues in a crime scene will give you a detailed knowledge on O’Connor’s background. Square Enix has also included side quests and collectibles apart from the main storyline.  Connor’s supernatural abilities will come in handy when your objective is to find all those clues.

Joy and Connor solve the crimes together

Being dead doesn’t mean that you will always be at an advantage. Connor has been barred from entering certain buildings in Salem since he was slained there itself. Those areas have been restricted mainly to protect the inhabitants from occult repercussions.

As mentioned earlier, Connor has the gift to get into the head of a living human and read their minds. He can influence them and force them act in accordance to his desire. With all these gifts and acquiring a few new tricks  from other spirits you encounter along the way, Connor will have to carve his way to find out his killer.

He is assisted by Joy in the game is able to connect with his spiritual form through her psychic abilities and provide the required physical help in the living world for him to succeed in his investigations.

What to Expect :

The game has drawn comparisons with the 2010 adventure game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective but Airtight developers have stated that the game was developed even without the knowledge of its existence. Square Enix has to be credited for managing to construct a compelling and powerful storyline. The game’s environments, music and narrative based approach does give you a feeling of watching a movie rather than playing a video game.

Some events in the game might be over the top stuff for children as there is strong violence displayed by the murders of the Bell Killer. It is a before hand suggestion for the gamers to play this game in seclusion and not to share their gaming experience with the weak-hearted.

To sum it up, basically, if you have already played games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls or the recent mega-hit The Last of Us, this is certainly one game you will want to experience as it shares similar traits.

Here is a 30 minute  PS3 gameplay video of Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Snehartho Dey
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