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World of Warcraft reveals 10th anniversary plans

3.50K   //    08 Aug 2014, 21:13 IST
World of Warcraft

As per reports in IGN, Blizzard has revealed it’s plans for celebrating World of Warcraft’s 10th anniversary later this year. A host of events have been planned to celebrate the MMO’s successfull reign for 10 years.

 A new leak over the internet has revealed that two of the most notorious raids and PvP clashes from previous years shall make a comeback into the game along with which a heart-meltingly Molten Corgi pet for anyone who logs in once celebrations kick off.

The Molten Core will be renewed for the game’s Raid Finder for max-level characters, still requiring a maximum amount of 40 players. Clearing the instance and taking out Ragnaro shall gain the player a core Hound mount to go with your Corgi. Blizzard has also announced a new Battleground styles around the classic clashes between Southshore and Tarren Mill including a team deathmatch style encounter with a definite winner.

WoW’s anniversary will take place in November and it still remains unclear whether the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor shall release before the celebration or after. Warlord of Draenor is the MMO’s fifth expansion pack