10 Important Tips For DOTA 2 - Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Welcome to DOTA2
Modified 04 Aug 2018
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If you're reading this you probably already know what DOTA2 is. No worries if you don't, DOTA2 is the MOBA game owned by Valve. DOTA 2 or Defence OF The Ancient is one of the most complex MOBA games ever created. But that doesn't stop the game from gaining a huge player base. DOTA can be extremely complicated to some players while it's extremely addictive to others. It's not just a game anymore. DOTA2 is the future of e-sports.

Be it a 14-year-old millionaire or a world champion who got kicked out of the house for playing the game, this game has seen it all. Welcome to DOTA2. This game can be very complicated to new players. Even though Valve updated the game over the years to be user-friendly it still is one of the most complicated games even for the players that have been playing for years. Because learning something new in this game is never a bad idea. DOTA evolves with every update and every update changes the game a little.

The new player base sees a huge pool of heroes, even a larger pool of items to make, and meets toxic community. That will scare anyone but hey, if there's a will there's a way.

Over the years I tried to get many friends to play the game, some got addicted, some left and some got bored. But the beginning was always the same and most often I would hear things like, "I am going to die so many times", "why does it have to be so complicated", "this is too complicated for me", "It's too much to learn". I've had enough of that so I decided to write a guide to help the new player base. 10 simple tips to enhance your gaming experience in DOTA2.

Learn to Listen

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Listen to Your Teammates

Not every player you meet is toxic or out there to insult you. People have invested a huge amount of time and money in the game and when they lose games they lose patience. Even if they are rude and mention the part where you played wrong, listen. Understand. They can be rude, they can flame but they have played the game for a longer period than you, ignore the trash-talk and consume the knowledge. You'll slowly start to learn the basics and get better at the game.

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Published 04 Aug 2018
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