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2018 LoL World Championship: Previous winners and their road to success(Season 1-4) 

Kuldeep Thapa
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551   //    09 Oct 2018, 11:57 IST

Season 8 World Championship is going to take place in South Korea
Season 8 World Championship is going to take place in South Korea

League of Legends World Championship is a massive annual event where all the top teams from different regions play against each other to see who is the best. Every year we get to see different players showcasing their talent while trying to be the best.

We are again close to this massive carnival of best teams as World championship is on the doorstep. RNG and KT Rolster are the heavy favourites coming into World Championship and it would be interesting to see how they perform, but for now, we dig back in the past to see the previous champions and their path to glory(Season 1-4).

Season 1

Fnatic won the season 1
Fnatic won the season 1

League was becoming the most popular games and the professional scene had just started to bloom. Season 1 World Championship only had 8 teams as League Pro Scene was relatively new. The tournament had a prize pool of $99,500 USD which was a big deal back then. Teams like Fnatic, Against All Authority and Counter Logic Gaming, were already popular while newcomers like Epik Gamers and Team Solomid had just begun their journey.

Fnatic was crowned the Champions for Season 1 as they defeated fellow European team Against All Authority in the finals. Fnatic, however, had a difficult path to the finals as the merely qualified from Group stage. They dropped games to both Against All Authority and Epik Gamers while defeating Team Pacific. This was majorly due to their star Midlaner Xpeke not being present for the Group stage due to some personal issues. However, he returned for the Knockout stage where he helped his team defeat Counter Logic Gaming 2-0 and then Epik Gamers 2-0 in a rematch from the group stage and eventually winning the World Championship by defeating Against All Authority 2-1.

Fanatics Roster-

Top Lane- Cyanide

Jungle- Shushei

Mid Lane- Xpeke

AD Carry- LamiaZealot

Support- Mellisan

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