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2018 LoL World Championship: Previous winners and their road to success(Season 1-4) 

Kuldeep Thapa
Top 5 / Top 10
09 Oct 2018, 11:57 IST

Season 2

TPA lifting season 2 trophy
TPA lifting season 2 trophy

League had become prominent by the time season 2 rolled around. More regions were in contention now and it was no longer a small esports event. Season 2 also saw the rise of South Korean talents as they started winning every major trophy around the globe. Western teams would travel to South Korea, boot camping there trying to improve their overall skills and Game sense.

12 teams qualified for World Championship which had a prize pool of $2 million USD. Taipei Assasins were the eventual winners surprising many fans around the globe. Out of all the winning teams of the domestic league, TPA was given a by in the first round. They had previously stomped their way through the qualifiers without dropping a single game. In their first Knockout meeting, TPA played against Najin Sword who was the second placed team from South Korea and had an impressive showing at the group stage. TPA, however, steamrolled through them winning 2-0.

In the semifinal, they faced Russian Giants Moscow 5 who was one of the top teams of the tournament. TPA dropped game 1 against them after a surprise pick of Evelyn mid by Moscow 5 midlaner Alex Ich. TPA quickly rebounded after the loss as they took the series 2-1.

In the final TPA faced the South Korean powerhouse and tournament favourites Azubu Frost. TPA dropped game 1 but came back in an emphatic fashion claiming the series 3-1. This was the only time a South Korean team failed to win a World Championship they were participating in.

TPA Roster-

Top Lane- Stanley

Jungle- Lilballz

Mid Lane- Toyz

AD Carry- Bebe

Support- Mistake

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