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2018 LoL World Championship: Will Flash Wolves finally prevail on an International stage?

Kuldeep Thapa
133   //    05 Oct 2018, 00:08 IST

Flash Wolves won the Summer Split

The number one team from the LMS region had a disappointing Worlds 2017. Often referred to as Korean Giants slayer they haven't had any major showing on the international stage for the past couple of years. The team had a decent MSI performance and they would be looking for some redemption on the international stage. They are heading into Worlds 2018  with a point to prove and we take a look at their roster.

Top Lane-

Replacing MMD in the starting lineup, Su "Hanabi" Chia-Hsiang had a huge task as he was replacing one of the veterans of the scene. He has not disappointed anyone with his solid performance in the lane. Often on frontline duty, he is a reliable player.


After the long-standing jungler Karsa left the team there were question marks around who would fill the void. Kim "Moojin" Moo-jin joined as the starting jungler and had a fantastic season. He can play both Tanks and damage oriented champions in the jungle.

Mid lane-

One of the most renowned players in the LMS League, Huang "Maple" Yi-Tang is the star mid laner for Flash Wolves. He has been carrying Flash Wolves to domestic glory for a few years now. Internationally renowned, he is one of the best mid laners in the world.

AD Carry-

Lu "Betty" Yu-Hung has been with Flash Wolves since his academy days. The talented AD Carry is technically sound and very dominant in the laning phase. He generally plays utility champs but can pull out hyper carries whenever needed.


Hu "SwordArt" Shuo-Chieh has been the star of the 2018 season for Flash Wolves. The veteran in the scene is the main shot caller for the team. Regarded as one of the best supports in the world, he is proficient on every type of champion ranging from healers to engagers.


They are usually a passive team that excel in team fights. They usually wait for the late game where they like to fight front to back. Moojin has shown that he is very proficient on carry-oriented junglers. SwordArt can always get the team out of sticky situations via his great shot calling and his extensive read of the game.


On an international stage, it's hard to play passive since teams can easily exploit that. Their recent failures on the international stage are a strong indication that the team struggles on the big stage. Though a major region, LMS is considered a weaker league compared to others which could play a role.

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