3 best PUBG Mobile maps to rank up quickly in 2021

Let the ranked games begin (Image via pubglitemobile)
Let the ranked games begin (Image via pubglitemobile)

PUBG Mobile offers multiple playable maps. With it being a battle royale game, arenas are a massive factor in players ranking up.

Currently, there are five maps that gamers can choose in ranked games. All of them differ in size, and some are big enough to provide a much higher chance of surviving, while others are made for much faster-paced rounds.

Nevertheless, players can always choose which map to play in ranked, depending on their comfort levels. Yet, some arenas offer a higher chance of growth, not just to rank up but also to harness and improve gamers' skills.

Top three PUBG Mobile maps for ranking up quickly in 2021

#3 - Sanhok

Sanhok is one of the early maps introduced in PUBG Mobile. It is only 4x4km in size, indicating a faster-paced match than those on bigger arenas.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Usually, being in the top 20 of a PUBG Mobile match in a 6x6 or 8x8 map may consume at least 20 minutes. It means that players are ranking up, but the duration of the game could be much longer.

But in Sanhok, matches may last a maximum of 20 minutes. It allows players to play more matches and eventually lets them rank up faster by playing multiple games.

Some places on the map where gamers can find more loot include Ruins and Bootcamp. They can locate these areas quickly to power-up and equip their character with items and weapons.

#2 - Miramar

PUBG Mobile released the Miramar map as their second available play area. An 8x8km map with vast spaces to explore, players can maximize their survival chances by playing in this arena.

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

This desert map in PUBG Mobile has limited areas containing loot. Most are available in the Prison, Campo Militar, and Hacienda Del Patron areas. Gamers must be careful when going to these places as others tend to make their way there.

The key for this map is survival, including waiting for the right time to move towards other players. If the timing is right, gamers can beat opponents even if they have a limited loadout.

Utilizing this PUBG Mobile map's large, vast areas to explore items and weapons while not being an aggressive striker could be handy in rank pushing.

#1 - Erangel

The best map to use to rank up this year is still the original one, Erangel.

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

This 8x8km map has served as the standard for all other arenas, not just in PUBG Mobile but other battle royale games as well. Erangel could be considered the map that offers the most loot areas, meaning gamers can easily power up their characters compared to other maps.

Also, its colossal area size makes it more interesting and flexible when it comes to survivability. It has a forest and grassland environment where players can hide from enemies. They can also swim in the ocean in this PUBG Mobile arena, especially if the circle is headed towards the Sosnovka Military Base.

Image via PUBG, YouTube
Image via PUBG, YouTube

The winning factor on this in this PUBG Mobile map starts even before jumping off the carrier. Players must view the map and look for small-sized marks indicating a building or indoor area where there is a high chance of getting loot.

They must also always be conscious about the map as others may also be likely to explore those areas to secure their weapons and items on hand.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's personal opinions, and players can choose whichever map they want to play.

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