5 best Android games with controller support in 2020

Doom and Doom II are both available on Android devices
Doom and Doom II are both available on Android devices
Rahul Bhushan

Mobile gaming, over the years, has carved itself a place in modern videogaming. From being considered an afterthought β€” and only a way to kill time β€” gaming on Android and iOS devices has become a legitimate platform.

From full-fledged battle royales that can support up to 100 players on a map, to RPGs with in-depth gameplay mechanics, Andoid and iOS games have indeed come a long way.

There are now several controllers, wireless or otherwise, that you can use with either an Android or iOS device to play games. In case you have a Dualshock 4 (PS4) controller around, you can use its Bluetooth capabilities to connect to your smartphone and play games that support controllers.

5 of the best Android games with controller support

1) Fortnite

Picture credits: XDA Developers
Picture credits: XDA Developers

Quite possibly, Fortnite is the biggest gaming phenomenon over the last few years. It quickly rose to prominence and dominated the streaming charts on a number of platforms.

The Android version of the game is excellent as well, carrying over the familiar gameplay and feel of the console and PC versions.

Fortnite also allows for full controller support. Therefore, you should have no problems with the game on your Android smartphone, in case you're used to playing on a console.

Google Play Store download link for Fortnite

2) Call of Duty Mobile

Picture credits: business insider
Picture credits: business insider

Call of Duty is simply one of the most refined shooters in the industry, and an extremely popular title. It also quickly made its mark in the mobile gaming industry, becoming one of the most popular games on Google Play Store a short time after its release late last year.

Many loyal players find it hard to adjust to touch controls on Android or iOS devices, and would much rather use a controller, like on consoles. Call of Duty Mobile offers this controller support, and has some of the best shooting mechanics off any game on the Android platform.

Google Play Store download link for Call of Duty Mobile

3) Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy, from Square Enix, is perhaps one of the most-celebrated franchises in gaming history. A lot of games from the past, such as the brilliant Final Fantasy VII, are available on Google Play Store for Android devices.

The games support controllers, and are extremely fun to play. Any player who missed the Final Fantasy series should indeed give it a try on their Android devices, and they are sure not to be disappointed.

Google Play Store download link for Final Fantasy VII

4) Doom and Doom II

Picture credits: phone arena
Picture credits: phone arena

There wouldn't have been a first person shooter (FPS) genre if not for id Software's Doom and Wolfenstein games. They paved the way for many games to come, and still provide some of the best games you can play, even in 2020.

Doom and Doom II are available on Google Play Store for Android devices, and can be played using controllers.

Google Play Store download link for Doom

5) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Picture credits: android police
Picture credits: android police

Classic games from the past have recently made their way into mobile platforms like Android. Castelvania is one such franchise that has arrived on our devices.

Players who couldn't play this absolute classic back in the day owe it to themselves to play this wonderful game on their phones.

Google Play Store download link for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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