Top 5 characters that should feature in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

(Image via Batman Wiki)
(Image via Batman Wiki)
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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League might just be the most peculiar names in the history of video games. The upcoming action-adventure game from Rocksteady has fans extremely excited about the epic villain team-up.

The Sucide Squad will feature Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark. Other names are yet to be confirmed. More characters are bound to make an appearance in the game.

Along with the eponymous Suicide Squad, the Alpha Target: Superman will also be making an appearance. The team will be taking on the Kryptonian and maybe even more members of the Justice League.

5 characters that should feature in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

#5 - Jason Todd/ Red Hood


Seeing that Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League will be taking place in the Arkhamverse, Red Hood/Jason Todd should be around. The Red Hood expansion for Arkham Knight showcased Jason Todd taking on Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask, with brutal efficiency.

In the comics, Red Hood has often blurred the line between hero and villain. He would be a great fit as a foe or ally of the Suicide Squad.

It will also be great to see how the Bat Family is coping after Batman's identity become public information and Bruce Wayne's "death" at the end of Arkham Knight.

#4 - Peacemaker


John Cena is set to take on the role in James Gunn's Suicide Squad, along with a series of his own later down the line.

Since Peacemaker is geared to make his way into mainstream media, he would fight right in with the videogame. Peacemaker is one of the most hilarious characters in the DC Universe. He is a vigilante that has no limitations when it comes to administering "peace."

He often leaves behind a trail of bodies. This suggests that anything but peace has been established.

#3 - The Flash

(Image via Pinterest, steppenwolf of apokolips)
(Image via Pinterest, steppenwolf of apokolips)

The Flash, in all his multiverse-bending glory, is a character that is nigh impervious to canon and doesn't bother himself with "universe"-lore. As a light-hearted hero with a conscience, he would act as a great counter to the villainous Superman.

Captain Boomerang, being The Flash's arch-nemesis, would provide a lot of fireworks. Eventually, most of the Justice League are bound to show up in the game, and The Flash is one of its coolest members.

#2 - Bloodsport

(Image via Superman Wiki)
(Image via Superman Wiki)

The only man to have given Superman a run for his money. He has wit, brawn, and a whole bunch of Kryptonite bullets. Bloodsport is a massive fan-favorite.

Since the character has a deep history with Superman, he'd be a great addition to The Suicide Squad. Whether he is a playable character or not is entirely up to Rocksteady. It would be too big of a missed opportunity if he were to not be included.

#1 - Deathstroke


One of the coolest bosses in the Batman Arkham series, Deathstroke is a force of nature. Suicide Squad simply feels empty without The Terminator at the helm to call the shots and take names.

Deathstroke was already teased as part of the Suicide Squad at the end of Batman: Arkham Origins. It would make sense for the group to be led by him.

It t won't be long before a trailer or announcement confirms his presence in Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.

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