5 best games like Dark Souls

(image credits: ign)
(image credits: ign)

FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki have become the pioneers of an entirely new genre of games and established themselves as industry juggernauts. The Dark Souls games have been some of the most influential and popular games of the last decade or so.

The Dark Souls franchise is known for its brutal difficulty, intuitive level design, excellent combat and fantastic boss fights. The games are incredibly challenging, and their difficulty might even scare off some players.

The game's in-depth combat system has been extremely influential and even resulted in a new genre called 'soulslike', indicating the tendency for some games to replicate the Dark Souls formula.

Five best games like Dark Souls

5) The Surge


Many people initially dismissed The Surge as simply "Dark Souls but with robots". However, there is a lot more to this game than that derogatory summation. While it is true that the game follows in the vein of games like Dark Souls, it has a lot of original ideas that go a long way in providing the game a unique identity.

The Surge's futuristic setting is in stark contrast with the Dark Souls franchise, and provides much more in the way of weaponry and mobility choices. The Surge's unique premise is what helps it stand apart from its clear influences.

4) Nioh


The Dark Souls franchise had solidified its position as one of the brightest franchise of modern gaming and an industry mainstay. Its influence was seen in games like Nioh, which followed much of the same structure as the Dark Souls series.

However, Nioh had a much more pronounced emphasis on mobility, speed and movement. Nioh is also brutally difficult and punishes players for being reckless and spamming certain attack patterns.

Nioh is one of the best games in its genre that is not developed by FromSoftware.

3) Monster Hunter: World


Monster Hunter: World by Capcom might not necessarily follow the soulslike structure of the FromSoftware series, but if it is a challenging game that the players are looking for, then Monster Hunter: World it is.

The game will push its players to overcome increasingly difficult challenges but at no point does the game feel unfair. Challenging boss fights, a rewarding loot system and progression, make Monster Hunter: World an instant must-have for players who're looking to play challenging games.

2) Bloodborne


FromSoftware had established a structure and formula that worked well for them with the Dark Souls series of games. However, not one to rest on their laurels, the studio decided to switch things up in a new game called Bloodborne.

This led to the creation of an entirely new subgenre called 'soulsborne', as Bloodborne had an increased focus on mobility and speed. Removing the ability to block using a shield meant players had to rely on movement and speed to gain the upper hand.

Bloodborne is one of the most challenging games in all of gaming, but it rewards the players for playing more aggressively. Features such as the Rally system encourages the player to go for more hits rather than hanging back and regrouping.

1) Demon's Souls


Players often forget the true lineage of the Dark Souls franchise. The game was ruthless and often pushed players way past the edge but always remained fair.

The game has an extremely passionate cult following due to its unmistakeable quality and originality. Fans who feel the game seems dated by this point will be glad to know that the game is set for a remastered release.

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