5 of the best games like Doom

(Image Credits: Nintendo)
(Image Credits: Nintendo)

There are few games that can replicate the pace, violence and sheer excitement of Doom. One of the best first-person shooters in the history of gaming, Doom stands as a testament to how going back to the roots of a genre can be ultimately rewarding.

The franchise is steeped in history as one of the pioneers of the first-person shooter genre alongside games like Wolfenstein back in the 90s. Doom 2016 proved to audiences worldwide that the franchise had returned and it was better than ever.

Doom Eternal, the sequel, improved on virtually every front of the previous game and delivered one of the best games of 2020. These are 5 of our picks for games you might enjoy if you happened to like Doom and Doom Eternal.

5 of the best games like Doom

5) The Darkness II


One of the most peculiar picks on the list, The Darkness II is an underrated gem that should be discussed more. The game puts players in control of a powerful gangster who is made even more powerful because of his connection to demonic forces of hell.

The game is the ultimate power fantasy, much like Doom, with the player being able to dish out ungodly amounts of punishment to their foes. The Darkness II excels at giving players the sense of power and style that comes with being a demonic gangster.

4) Titanfall 2


When it comes to raw speed and pace, there are very few games that can match Respawn Entertainment's excellent Titanfall 2. The game puts a lot of focus on mobility, much like Doom, and the responsive controls make the game a must-have for fans of the genre.

The single-player campaign of Titanfall 2 is right up there with the best campaigns in all of gaming. Titanfall 2 is a truly special game that should be discussed more often.

3) Bulletstorm


Much like Doom, Bulletstorm holds absolutely nothing back. It is wall-to-wall craziness and style packed into one badass game. Bulletstorm's key focus is to "kill with skill", meaning players are rewarded for the most stylish combat.

Younger fans might not be aware of Epic Games and People Can Fly's foul-mouthed first-person masterpiece, and only know them as makers of the sanitised Fortnite.

Bulletstorm is one heck of a game and few can match the game's focus on style and charm.

2) Bioshock


Definitely a much more methodical first-person shooter experience than Doom's frantic and chaotic atmosphere, Bioshock excels at providing minute-to-minute exciting gameplay.

Things don't take long to get chaotic and out-of-control in Bioshock, and all 3 games have a unique charm to them. However, Bioshock Infinite stands out as the most chaotic in the bunch and its setting allows for extremely creative gunplay.

1) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


Wolfenstein, much like Doom, was brought back to life by way of an excellent soft reboot in modern gaming. Wolfenstein II is quite possibly the most outrageous fun players can have while playing a game. It offers the same brand of ridiculous combat that is aggressive and stylish.

Wolfenstein II excels in a lot of areas and delivers a truly magnificent experience. In what other game can you kick Adolf Hitler himself in the face?

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