5 best games like Max Payne 3

(image credits: oceanofgames)
(image credits: oceanofgames)
Rahul Bhushan

The Max Payne trilogy has given the industry some of the most cinematic games in the history of gaming. Max Payne was developed by Remedy Entertainment, a studio from Finland that operated on a relatively small budget for the game.

The lead writer of the game, Sam Lake, had to lend his own likeness to the facial model of the protagonist. Not only Lake, but several employees of Remedy also had to play certain roles.

Then the rights to the game were acquired by Rockstar, who went on to publish the next two games, with Remedy developing Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne, and then Rockstar taking over developmental duties for the final entry.

Here are some other games you might enjoy if you liked Max Payne 3.

5 of the best games like Max Payne 3

5) Splinter Cell: Conviction

(image credits: wallpaper stock)
(image credits: wallpaper stock)

This is a bit of a stretch as the Splinter Cell franchise has mostly been a stealth series, which is far from the loud and wall-to-wall action of the Max Payne series.

However, Conviction was one of the most divisive games in the series with its stronger emphasis on action-style gameplay. In a bold move, Splinter Cell: Conviction allowed players to go loud and play full combat-style if they so wished.

While players could still employ the stealth-style of gameplay, going loud has its benefits and moments of fun. The more story-driven experience of Conviction mixed thoroughly with some truly Liam Neeson-style rampage through the criminal underwor makes it perhaps the most cinematic entry in the Splinter Cell franchise.

4) Mafia II

(image credits: pcgamer)
(image credits: pcgamer)

Mafia II is technically an open-world game. However, its open-world doesn't operate in the same way as traditional games in the genre do. Its open-world feels much more linear, with a greater emphasis on the story rather than the world.

Mafia II is an ode to the gangster movie genre classics and is a brilliant game with one of the most heartfelt stories in gaming. Vito Scalleta's rise through the ranks will have players engaged from the start, culminating in one of the best endings to a game ever.

3) Alan Wake

(image credits: Microsoft)
(image credits: Microsoft)

Alan Wake is one of the most under-appreciated games of its time, and deserves much more attention than it gets. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, it has all the makings of a brilliant cinematic action/horror game.

The game puts players in the role of a famous fiction horror writer whose work has come to life in the most terrifying of ways. Alan Wake will have players sweating in absolute terror at times, but also in awe of the brilliant cinematic nature of the game.

Thanks to a beautiful soundtrack by Poets of The Fall, the game is both emotional and genuinely terrifying in parts.

2) L.A. Noire

(image credits: Gamespot)
(image credits: Gamespot)

The first couple of Max Payne games were detective, neo-noir stories, and ultimately, very tragic ones. L.A. Noire lies in the same vein and follows the captivating story of Detective Cole Phelps as he rises up the ranks and gets tangled up in a larger conspiracy.

While LA Noire doesn't necessarily have the stylish combat like Max Payne, players will be hard-pressed to find more cinematic games. L.A. Noire is the answer to players' demands of a game that helps fulfil their detective fantasies.

L.A. Noire's story will grip you from the initial few cutscenes, and thanks to a brilliant performance by Aaron Staton, the game is one of the best in the genre.

1) Control

(image credits: wallpapersden)
(image credits: wallpapersden)

Perhaps the most criminally underrated game of 2019, Control will blow players away with its insanely stylish and creative gameplay, and a simply mind-bending story.

Control is the ultimate power fantasy, with players being able to manipulate time and space with a variety of superpowers. Mixing a brilliant gameplay loop and a fantastic story, Control is a game that fans of cinematic action games shouldn't miss out on.

Also developed by Remedy Entertainment, Control is perhaps the studio's best work since the Max Payne franchise.

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