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5 best games like Super Contra in 2020

(Image credits: Nintendo)
(Image credits: Nintendo)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 30 Aug 2020, 16:18 IST

Every player today has some sort of memory of playing a 2D side-scroller shoot 'em up called Contra. The players have fond memories of 2 G.I running and gunning their way through a myriad of enemies with a wide variety of weapons.

Bosses that would fill up the entire screen and bullet types that do not seem realistic at all became the trademarks of the franchise. The Contra series has not seen a new entry from Konami for a long time but continues to strive on mobile platforms.

However, if players are looking to play solid games in the vein of Super Contra in 2020, these are the best games to pick up.

5 best games like Super Contra in 2020

5) Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is one of the most chaotic games one could ever play. The game, by appearance alone, suggests a mindless action, but it is anything but that.

The game requires players to think quick on their feet and expects them to make game-changing decisions in a matter of seconds. Every room the player enters in Hotline Miami is a puzzle they must solve in a matter of seconds and shoot every enemy.


Hotline Miami might be a tad bit more violent than Super Contra, but it should be no problem for seasoned players.

4) Broforce

Do not let the name and appearance fool you. Broforce is an extraordinarily charming and action-packed shooter that is very reminiscent of the style of Contra. The game is way too much fun to pass up on.

Broforce is available on a variety of platforms and is one of the most critically acclaimed indie games in its genre. The game is also published by Devolver, the famed publisher behind great games like Fall Guys.

Broforce is a throwback in the best of ways and one of the best shooters you can play, even in 2020.

3) Enter the Gungeon


Enter the Gungeon will punish you multiple times over its lengthy campaign, which is made even lengthier due to its Permadeath system. This means that the players will be put right back to the start if they die even once during the game.

Enter The Gungeon will throw absurdly large enemies that occupy the entire screen, but the insane variety of guns. Everything in the game is about guns, quite literally, meaning there is a gun that shoots other guns in the game.

Enter the Gungeon is also free on the Epic Games Store and shouldn't be missed out on.

2) Cuphead

One of the most peculiar of games to have made it to the top of the charts back during the time of its release, Cuphead is an absolute masterpiece. Cuphead truly takes the concept of run n' gun games like Contra and brings it to modern gaming in a huge way.

The game excels at challenging players while also maintaining a level of fair play that always keeps the game fun. In addition to fantastic gameplay, the art style alone is worth buying the game for.


1) My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is every kid's dream game when they wish to play a game that mixes stylish action and creative platforming. My Friend Pedro is simply the best shooter you can play in 2020, and is not a Triple-A game.

The game is just the right amount of challenging while also being accessible. Mixed with an exceptional soundtrack, My Friend Pedro is simply a game you cannot pass up on.

Many games claim to have stylish action, but no other game does it better than My Friend Pedro.

Published 30 Aug 2020, 16:18 IST
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