5 Best Glitches in Clash Royale 

5 Best Glitches in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 Best Glitches in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Supercell-owned online strategy game Clash Royale is very popular among mobile gamers as the game offers players an opportunity to battle in real-time using cards ranging from Common to Champion. The developers always try to make the gameplay as smooth as possible for players, by providing regular updates.

However, despite regular game updates, there is still a possibility that the new update will have bugs. These in-game issues are fixed whenever the game is updated by the developer. In this article, we'll go through the top 5 glitches in Clash Royale.

5 Best Glitches in Clash Royale

5) River Crossing Glitch


This was one of the most popular in-game glitches, and it required players to unlock Ice Golem and Clone Spell. Players can still utilize this glitch to drive any troop across the river without passing through the bridge. Players must place the primary card in front of the Ice Golem, then use the Clone Spell to make the troops jump over the river once both cards are near the river.

4) Backdooring Glitch


In this glitch, players simply fill up the friendly side of the arena to the point where there is no room for another card, and therefore any new card is placed precisely in the top left corner of the enemy's side of the arena, allowing the troops to quickly take down towers. Players can deploy Royal Recruits to exploit this glitch because it takes quite a lot of tile space.

3) Card Drop Glitch

Anyone else seeing a rise in "Card Drop Glitch" in Clash Royale lately? (Play a card, it hovers on screen for a few sec, then goes back into your hand)

Despite the game addressing this problem, it reappeared prior to the latest update. Players who attempted to use the card were shown that the card had been deployed and was hovering on the battlefield as a result of this glitch. The card returns to the player's hands. This glitch caused dissatisfaction among players who were pushing mid-ladder.

2) King Tower Upgrade Glitch

We’re aware of a migration bug that caused some players at lower levels (10, 11, 12) to be upgraded directly to level 14.We’re working on a fix and we will remove any extra progress for those players affected.

This is one of the most recent glitches in Clash Royale, which the developer fixed in October 2021. When players attempted to upgrade their King level 10, 11, or 12, the glitch automatically upgraded the King to level 14 due to a bug. Many players exploited this glitch to reach King level 14 quickly.

1) Giant Tombstone Glitch


This was a glitch that was given to many Clash Royale YouTubers as an April Fool's prank. In this glitch, whenever players use Tombstone on the battlefield, it releases Giant Skeletons in place of regular Skeletons. Thus, the normal Tombstone would become a Giant Tombstone.

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