5 best guns in PUBG Mobile Season 17

A recent PUBG Mobile update, Runic Power (PUBG Mobile)
A recent PUBG Mobile update, Runic Power (PUBG Mobile)
Modified 25 Feb 2021
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PUBG Mobile is one of the most loved battle royale games. Some fans of the genre consider it the best of all.

This battle royale game required players to eliminate their enemies and survive till the end.

To advance in the game, players need to always arm themselves with weapons. Players need to possess excellent knowledge about the gun's mechanics and recoil to get better at the game.

Best 5 guns in PUBG Mobile Season 17

#1 - AWM (Arctic Warfare Super Magnum)

The AWM (Image via Pinterest)
The AWM (Image via Pinterest)

Base Damage: 120

Fire Rate: 1.85

Damage Per Second: 65

The AWM is the best sniper rifle and the best gun in PUBG Mobile. It is an airdrop-only gun, which makes it quite rare.

It is a magnum rifle, chambered typically for the .300 Winchester Magnum. A Level 3 armor cannot withstand it. It is the only gun in the game that can kill a player with one-shot.

#2 - MK14

The MK14 (Image via Pinterest)
The MK14 (Image via Pinterest)

Base Damage: 61

Fire Rate: 0.090s

Damage Per Second: 678

Some players prefer bolt action guns as snipers, while others love to use DMRs over long ranges. This is also an airdrop-only gun.

Even though MK14 is a DMR, players can fire the bullets in "Auto" mode. It is the only DMR in PUBG Mobile with this feature. This makes it just as useful in close combat. Two shots with the MK14 are enough to knock down enemies.

#3 - Groza


Damage: 49

Rate of Fire: 0.080s

Damage per second: 612

This is also an airdrop-only gun. It is arguably the best Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile right now.

The gun damages enemies with a high fire rate. It performs best with a suppressor attached.

#4 - AKM


Damage: 49

Rate of Fire: 0.1s

Damage per second: 490

AKM is one of the most popular guns in PUBG Mobile. Players can get a hold of this gun quite easily.

This weapon also offers high damage thanks to a high fire rate. The recoil is quite high and hard to control. Players can attach a compensator with this gun to control the recoil more easily.

#5 - M416


Damage: 43

Rate of Fire: 0.086s

Damage per second: 501

M416 is arguably the most used gun in PUBG Mobile. Its high firing rate, higher damage, and lower recoil make it one of the game's best guns.

Players can use this gun for medium and long-range combat. It performs better with a compensator, vertical grip, and stock attached.

Published 25 Feb 2021
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