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5 best horror games like Resident Evil

(image credits: the wallpaper)
(image credits: the wallpaper)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Oct 2020, 13:27 IST

The horror genre and video games go hand-in-hand perhaps better than any other genre in modern entertainment. There is something intrinsically visceral about an interactive medium such as video games that makes the horror genre such a perfect fit.

Survival-horror games have been a staple of video gaming since the early days, and some of the most definitive moments in gaming have come at the hands of the horror genre. Game franchises such as Resident Evil have been largely influential in making the genre extremely popular for the masses.

With Resident Evil VII: VIllage drumming up a storm of anticipation, here we take a look at similarly terrifying horror games that should live up to fans' expectations from the genre.

5 of the best horror games like Resident Evil


SOMA is an anomaly in a lot of ways. The game gives you the option to play in "Safe Mode." The Safe Mode essentially prevents the player character from repeatedly dying at the hands of the many enemies present in the game.

On paper, that might feel like a cop-out. However, it is actually the best way to experience the game. SOMA isn't looking to terrify the player through jump scares and surprise encounters with enemies but instead through its truly bone-chilling story.


SOMA is an extremely clever game that makes the player question several things throughout its captivating narrative. The final product is a truly terrifying experience that fans of the horror genre are sure to love.

4) Alien: Isolation

The Alien movie franchise and its underrated prequel Prometheus might have just been some of the most well-made horror movies set in space. The same cannot be said of the much-hyped game Alien: Colonial Marines, as the game was severely disappointing in many ways.

When Alien: Isolation was announced, fans did not expect much. But much to their delight, they soon discovered that the game was perhaps the best companion piece to the movies.

Alien: Isolation pits you against the dreaded Xenomorph itself on a space station, and the player must seek refuge in vents, crawlspaces, and just about anywhere to avoid detection.


The alien will chase the player throughout the game, resulting in a terrifying game of hide n' seek ever known to man. Alien: Isolation is one of the best horror games ever made and one that players shouldn't miss out on.

3) Bloodborne

This is breaking away from the Resident Evil style of games and into the soulslike genre of games, but it is truly as terrifying as it is exhilarating. Bloodborne might just be the most astute representation of Lovecraftian horror ever in the history of games.

The soulslike genre, now dubbed as the "soulsborne" genre after Bloodborne, is a far more aggressive style of play than the rest of the FromSoftware catalog. The story of Yharnam itself will provide enough incentive for the player to sink their teeth into the game.

The atmospheric tension and the weight of dread in the air will weigh down heavily on the player, and it is precisely what the game wants. Bloodborne might not be everyone's cup of tea in terms of challenge, but it is genuinely one of the best works in the horror genre in videogames.


2) Evil Within 2

The Evil Within franchise didn't exactly get off to a great start with the original, but the sequel managed to capitalize on the vast potential of the title. The resulting game was one of the most unexpected surprises of that year.

Evil Within two doesn't exactly come off as the most original game, but in many ways, it is far more precise in its execution than many of its contemporaries. Instead of focusing their attention on grander ideas, Evil Within 2 excels at telling a captivating story through simple but effective means.

The game shines in its brilliant story moments that are completed by its ramping up of challenge as the game progresses. The game might be a little too gory for fans who might squeamish, but it is certainly not just a gimmick.

1) Alan Wake


This might be a polarizing choice for many, but Alan Wake truly is a fantastic horror game. The story follows a famous fiction writer Alan Wake as he travels with his wife to a small town to work on his book. Soon he discovers that his work has mysteriously come to life in the most terrifying of ways.

The game is a homage to the works of David Lynch and the fantastic show "Twin Peaks." The game is even broken down into several "episodes," complete with a "previously on" and a montage of what is to come in the next "episode."

The game might not be as terrifying as some of the other games on the list, but players will be hard-pressed to find a more cinematic experience than Remedy's Alan Wake.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 13:27 IST
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