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5 best Indian version of games like PUBG Mobile

(image credits: apkpure)
(image credits: apkpure)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 13 Sep 2020, 13:36 IST

The gaming industry in India is primarily focused on the mobile market. Games like PUBG Mobile have paved the way for many titles in a similar vein to be commercially successful in India.

The game's success has led to many studios all over India to develop similarly engaging and exciting shooters to cater to its fanbase. Post the ban of games like PUBG Mobile; several other games have seen a steady rise in their downloads on the Google Play Store.

The mobile games industry is the perfect place for studios based out of India to capitalize on this wave with exceptional games. These are some of the best games from Indian studios that can rival games such as PUBG Mobile.

Five best Indian version of games like PUBG Mobile

5) Blood Rivals

Blood Rivals is an extremely well-made and polished game experience that looks to capitalize on the wave of popular shooter games. It even includes driving mechanics that are quite competent and fit for large maps, like the ones in the trend.

Blood Rivals has polished graphics that look to offer the closest experience to console-level gaming, even on mobile phone hardware. The arsenal of weaponry in the game is satisfyingly large and diverse, making Blood Rivals an extremely competent title amongst the very best on Google Play Store.


4) Shooting Heroes Legend

The biggest plus for Shooting Heroes Legend comes in the form of various game modes that it features. At the same time, the game could've just as easily included a cookie-cutter Battle Royale mode. The developers of the game made sure to include a diverse range of game modes.

The game features intuitive and exciting modes such as Bomb Mode and the famous Capture the Flag mode. The battle royale genre seems to be the most popular in the market. Shooting Heroes Legend excels at being a quality arena shooter.

3) ScarFall


ScarFall is one of the most polished battle royale experiences players can get on the Google Play Store. Players most familiar with the gameplay of games like PUBG Mobile will find themselves right at home.

Scarfall has a much more fast-paced approach to combat than some of its other competitors. This truly sets ScarFall apart from the myriad of shooters on the Play Store. The visual aspects of ScarFall are also at par with some of the best games for mobile phones and are definitely one of its most significant selling points.

2) Swag Shooter

Swag Shooter sets itself apart by not just including cosmetic items, with overly flashy apparel available to the player, but also with its gameplay. The game is a first-person shooter and is replete with responsive touch controls.

Swag Shooter, despite its somewhat odd name, is a pretty in-depth shooter that has a lot to offer apart from just flashy cosmetic items. The battle royale experience is exceptionally well-made, and fans of PUBG Mobile will find themselves thoroughly enjoyed.

1) Titan Blood 


Titan Blood is an extremely polished experience that one can have on mobile phone hardware. Developed by the excellent XSQUADS Game Team, the game's exceptionally well developed AI deploys a lot of varied tactics, making for a challenging and fulfilling experience.

The game is visually stunning and can be taxing on the hardware of smartphones. It also has a robust progression system that rewards players extremely well.

Published 13 Sep 2020, 13:36 IST
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