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5 Best newly released games that you can access through Steam

133   //    09 Apr 2019, 13:08 IST

New Games on Steam
New Games on Steam

We always talk about new games and how hard it is to get them, even though we can get the games most of us don't want to buy a hard copy of because they are not cheap when they come out. Steam has tried to fix that problem over the years. You can access the games very easily through steam and install them right away and you also get discounts depending on the sale.

The good thing about Steam is that there are multiple sales going on at the same time - weekend deals and such. Today is Tuesday and I see a "weekend sale" going on that will last for 37 hours. Today I will mention a few newly released games that you can access through Steam. A lot of games released in recent weeks and not all of them are on Steam, but you can't even finish the list they have so let's dive straight into the giant pool of games.

#1 Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

A lot of you were waiting for this game to come out, and if you don't know the franchise yet - I'm happy to serve.

Risk of Rain was a classic multiplayer and you can only imagine it getting better with a new dimension and new actions. The runs will always be different because of the enemy bosses and multiple other in-game factors.

You can play the game with your friends, you can party up with up to 3 friends in the seamless co-op or you can go Solo YOLO. Your goal stays the same either way. Fight your way through the monsters and find a way to escape the planet.

Collect loots and fight the enemy bosses. The classic survivors are back but there are a bunch of new survivors you can choose from this time. The game's scaling system allows you and your foes to get stronger as the game progresses, with enough skill you can win even against the longest odds.

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