5 best open-world games for 2GB RAM PC

(image credits: hermit gamer)
(image credits: hermit gamer)
Rahul Bhushan

The open-world genre of games in 2020 has been established as one of the most popular genres in all of gaming. The genre has been home to some of the most critically and commercially successful games of the past decade.

However, it is slowly becoming saturated, with every new release trying to incorporate elements of the open-world genre. However, the cream always rises to the top, and the best games eventually find an audience sooner or later.

These are some of the best open-world games that can run on modest gaming setups with 2GB RAM.

Five best open-world games that can run on 2GB RAM

5) Just Cause 2

If the game industry gave out awards for 'Most Explosions per Minute,' then Just Cause series would easily take home the award every year. The games have been evolving in size, scale, and, more importantly, more things to blow up.

The original game was received relatively well, but it was the sequel Just Cause 2 that shot the franchise into the mainstream and made it the genre mainstay it has gone on to become today.

4) The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The Witcher books have spawned not only a great Netflix show, but more importantly, a gaming trilogy that is now considered royalty. The Witcher series evolved with each game being better than the previous, and the sequel is the prime example of how CD Projekt Red grows in leaps and bounds.

The Witcher 2's campaign is delightful, with players' decisions and choices having real consequences to the story and endings of the game.

3) The Saboteur

One of the most overlooked games of the past decade that has slowly garnered a cult following over the years, The Saboteur is a truly wonderful game with a lot of original ideas.

The game places you in France as an Irish freedom fighter who is working on getting rid of Nazi occupation in Paris. The game uses color to signify the parts of the city that are unliberated and delivers an incredibly engaging experience.

2) Assassin's Creed II

Speaking of games with impressive sequels, Assassin's Creed II is considered among the very best gaming sequels in history. The game established Assassin's Creed as a genre classic and one of the most fun open-world experiences of its time.

The real-life historical events have always been a strong aspect of the series.

1) Mafia II

Mafia II does have an open-world, but not on the level of GTA games. From snow-covered streets in Winter or flashy red Hot Rods, the world of Mafia II feels authentic and never fails to put a smile on your face. Anybody who ever watched Goodfellas has only dreamt of playing a game like Mafia II.

The game puts you in control of Vito, an upcoming member of the Italian Mafia. It tells an extremely heartfelt story, the ending of which has become the stuff of legends in gaming.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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