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5 best PC games in India that can be played without downloading or installing requires no download requires no download
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 25 May 2020, 16:47 IST
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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, almost everyone is confined within the four walls of their homes and are subsequently always on the lookout for the best games to play.

At a time when game download sizes can be as high as 100 GB, the duration of a download can also increase manifold. This is where the following games come into play as they offer light entertainment that requires no downloads and can be played straight from the browser itself.

List of 5 PC games that require no download

#5 is a fun time with friends is a fun time with friends

Perhaps one of the simplest yet most compelling video-game concepts in the history of gaming, is extremely fun when playing with friends.

The objective of the game is to be the biggest "circle", which means the players will start off as a standard circle and must consume smaller circles to become a larger one. The concept is extremely simple and can result in hilarity when played with friends.

It might not be the most complex or in-depth game on this list but it can certainly be the most fun when played with multiple people. The game's popularity skyrocketed after being featured in an episode of the popular TV show, House of Cards.


#4 Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown can be played in the browser itself.
Pokemon Showdown can be played in the browser itself.

Pokemon is one of the most widely recognised products in entertainment: from jaded adults to young kids, everyone can easily pick up a Pokemon game and have fun.

The DS versions of the popular Pokemon series has been extremely popular and the recent mobile app explosion, Pokemon GO, was an internet phenomenon. However, players who simply want a regular Pokemon battle can play Pokemon Showdown.

The game requires no downloads as you can visit the site and immediately begin battling with strangers while discussing Pokemon in the chat. It is a fun time for like-minded Pokemon fans and people have spent countless hours playing it on their browsers.

#3 Town of Salem

Town of Salem
Town of Salem

Town of Salem is perhaps the most unique game on this list and will invoke memories of childhood board games that players will definitely love. The premise is simple: the players in each game will be allotted a fixed role and depending on those roles, they must play out their routine.

For example, the Serial Killer will kill the other players while the Doctors must heal the ones attacked. It is an in-depth game that challenges players to lie efficiently and hone their ability to catch other player's lies.

#2 (Image Credits: iogames) (Image Credits: iogames)

Arena shooters have always been popular with the gaming community and games like Counter-Strike and Halo have achieved legendary status in the industry. takes inspiration from arena shooter games like CS, Halo and Doom to provide a solid shooter experience for gamers that are not looking to download any games on their hard drive. can be extremely fun when playing with friends and is a solid game that you shouldn't miss.

#1 War Brokers

War Brokers (Image Credits: pcgamebenchmark)
War Brokers (Image Credits: pcgamebenchmark)

War Brokers exists in the same vein as and is an extremely fun first-person shooter game. Players can suit up in their desired player avatar and begin the FPS murder and mayhem that makes these games so popular.

The game requires no download and can be played straight from the browser. It is obviously not as polished as an AAA shooter but can be just as fun as a full price-tag game.

Published 25 May 2020, 16:47 IST
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