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5 best VR Games you can play on Steam 

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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Video Game industry developed through years and every few years it delivers us something Next-Gen and I think there is nothing more "next-gen" than VR games right now. Yes, the Video Game industry took a huge leap when Virtual Reality games came out. We can tell that we now have something that is truly the next generation of gaming. Virtual reality allows you to experience your games at the maximum. Before this point, we felt connected to the games because of immersive gameplay or storyline but now we can literally walk in a character's shoe or even better, be ourselves inside a game. Everything changed when Virtual Reality games came, it has not taken over the world yet but soon. Maybe in the near future, we will have E-sports games where your athletic abilities will be the key to win just like any other sports. I will mention 5 VR games that you can access through Steam and play at the moment. So let's get started.

#1 Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2
Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 was released a couple of years back and since then the game has received positive reviews only. On Steam, the recent reviews for the games are "very positive" and overall reviews stand as "Mostly Positive".

Project cars 2 is probably the best, most beautiful and authentic car racing game you can play on VR. You can play the game with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows mixed reality. Jump into the game and experience the real adrenaline rush of car racing.

The game features 180+ elite brand racing and road cars. It has full VR and 12K support. Another special thing about the game is, it is tested by real-life race drivers and gamers to make sure it delivers the exact real feeling of racing. The career progression in the game is derived from real-life. The games dynamic surface and weather situation affects your driving, vehicle performance and handling in real time. There are a few different loose surface racing facility such as dirt, mud, and ice. The game also has its own 24 hour day and night cycle with real-time atmospheric condition and seasonal ambiance.

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