5 best ways to earn money by playing video games at home

Keep Calm and Continue Playing. Image: Forbes
Keep Calm and Continue Playing. Image: Forbes

Have you ever thought how wonderful life would be if you could earn by playing video games? Then tighten your seatbelts as your wish is about to become a reality. What better job can there be, if you do what you love? Working would never be a pain anymore and money will just be an added motivation. So, here is how you can finally go about fulfilling your desire.

Play Games and Earn Money

1. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube. Image: Google Play
YouTube. Image: Google Play

YouTube is the biggest platform any aspiring gamer can dream of. You can make PewDiePie your inspiration and try to entertain people with your commentary. Or, you can teach people how to play a particular game or how to excel in it, much like, Metaphor does.

You can even follow the footsteps of Joseph Anderson and review games so that people get a better idea before investing their time in a particular game.

2. Take part in tournaments

If you are really good at gaming, and winning matches is a regular habit of yours, then consider taking part in tournaments. Some tournaments offer a great deal as cash prize even when you are in the top three.

Even though it is not a constant source of income, you can gain a lot of exposure, even if you are among the top ten in national level tournaments.

3. Game developing

Get yourself into game developing and become a developer. You can either choose to work solo and sell your work independently via in-game purchases, or you can apply for a job as a game developer to good companies like Ubisoft or EA. Working in a company pays you well, however the selection process and the working hours can be stressful.

4. Start Streaming

Twitch. Image: InPlayer
Twitch. Image: InPlayer

You can start streaming yourself playing games on platforms like Twitch. In Twitch, many people can observe how you play. If you are really good at it you can get sponsors as well. Gather enough subscribers and sponsors and play away as the steady flow of income makes it way to your bank account.

5. Become a Content Writer

Do you love writing apart from video gaming? Then merge your hobby (writing) and passion (video gaming) and get the best out of it. Work for a good website so that you can make money and get the necessary exposure, like we here, at Sportskeeda, do. *giggle*

Who thought money making could be this fun? Forget about all the complaints of your parents revolving around you playing video games all the time as you can finally claim it as your livelihood.

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