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5 Best WWE video game spin-offs

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2K18 releases this fall

WWE 2K18 is all set to hit the stores this fall and in light of its release, we decided to dig deep into the virtual reality world to find out which WWE video game spin-offs did the best to capture fan imagination. The enchanting world of WWE has given us some incredible moments to look back on and its gaming content has increased it ten-fold.

WWE continues to lead the world of pro-wrestling by innovating and expanding, as much as possible and its rapid expansion in gaming has left fans wanting much more. 

For years now, WWE has combined with several game developers to produce cutting edge entertainment for gamers to enjoy. These video games are all historic for various reasons. However, there were some that just brought a whole new dimension to gaming and continue to live on in the minds of gamers even years later.

In light of the same, here are the 5 best WWE video game spin-offs ever made:

#5 WWE All Stars (PS3, Xbox 360, 2011)

It mirrored classic gaming content 

This was an incredibly exciting game released by WWE in 2011, which mirrored most of the classic gaming content of the 2000s rather than anything related to what was happening at its time.

Its terrific gameplay and cutting-edge graphics made it a real contender in the gaming market. The over-the-top action showcased was in many ways the missing piece of the puzzle when it came to recreating the brilliant work of the past decade. All in all, a really fun game and one that 2K should consider remaking sometime soon.

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