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5 cricket games you can play with Indian cricket team players

Who will fill the void left by EA Cricket?

Top 5 / Top 10 21 Aug 2017, 21:13 IST

Cricket games are back in demand
Cricket games are back in demand

For long now cricket fans around the world have been craving a game that would give them the thrill that the likes of EA Cricket gave more than a decade ago. But alas, since the reputed developers gave up production of cricket games, there's been little hope for another cricket-gaming crossover. Plenty of games have come and gone since then but none have had quite the impact that the EA produced game did. Fans in India particularly have been starved of the chance to see their favourite cricket icons on the virtual platform.

While there have been clear disappointments, the advent of technology has allowed competition in the field of cricket gaming to come up quite strongly. The Play Store on Android phones in particular now has a host of cricket games for hardcore gamers to download and play for free. And contrary to critical public opinion, some of these games are actually quite enjoyable. And the best part is, you'll actually be playing with your real-life heroes!

Player rights and licenses for leagues are not easy to procure but some of these attractions have managed to do just that, making their mass appeal even stronger and allowing fans the opportunity to see players on the virtual stage. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 cricket games you can play with Indian cricket team players.

#5 World T20 Cricket Champs 2017

This game lets you play with the Indian team
This game lets you play with the Indian team

This particular series has been making all the right noises when it comes to fan opinion. Not considered as one of the heavyweights in the field of gaming, the World T20 Cricket Champs series has managed to get a healthy number of downloads on the game and 4+ stars rating overall as well. It should come as no surprise too as the game includes 5 exciting modes to play with.

Net practice mode allows you to train and get ready for big matches while test match mode exists as well for a unique 5-day experience. The best part is you can play with the Indian team too and while player likeness may not be perfect, the game offers enough to the casual gamer to have a fun outing.

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