5 games that can be played on Zoom call

  • Give a break to attending classes on Zoom and play these games with your classmates
  • Beat the boredom and schedule a meeting on Zoom with your friends to play these 5 games
Modified 23 May 2020, 13:20 IST

Fun games to play over Zoom. Image: Sugar Bee Crafts
Fun games to play over Zoom. Image: Sugar Bee Crafts

Tired of attending classes on Zoom? Next time, book a meeting with your classmates just to have a fun time. Here is a list of cool games you can play which will ensure quite a few laughs.

5 best games to play on Zoom

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

This one is a classic game. Travel back to your middle school days with this game as you hasten to write a name of a person, a place, an animal and a thing in the Zoom chat. The first one to send all four wins!


Charades. Image: Teachers Pay Teachers
Charades. Image: Teachers Pay Teachers

Time to act! Divide your classmates into two groups and get going. The opponent can text you the name of a movie, book, T.V series or song of their choice. You have to act what you have been given by your opponent and make your team mates guess keeping 1 minute on the clock. Just hope you have proper internet connection at the time.

Stay in Character

In this game you will have to assume the role of a character (maybe fictional or real) and you have to make your classmates guess by acting like that character. No matter what, stay in character till somebody guesses correctly! (Tip: Try using famous quotes by that character.)


You need to divide your classmates into two groups here as well. You can use the whiteboard feature in Zoom for this game. Just click on the screen sharing option and you’ll see the whiteboard option. Click on it and choose the function to draw. As you struggle to make your team mates guess the answer, pay no heed to the incessant laughter of your opponent team.

Wink Assassin

Wink Assassin.
Wink Assassin.

The good old “Chor-Police” game of your childhood will make you nostalgic as you revive it in your Zoom Call. Make one person the moderator who will choose the assassin and detective by personally texting that person.

The moderator will not play in that round, sadly, but will be there to see if the game is not going astray. The killer will then text his/her victim one by one and the victims have to turn off their video feed. The detective will have to deduce who the killer is, as usual.

Published 23 May 2020, 13:20 IST
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