5 games like Dark Souls but with better graphics

The original Dark Souls can feel a bit dated in terms of graphics (Image Credits: Gamespot)
The original Dark Souls can feel a bit dated in terms of graphics (Image Credits: Gamespot)

To many, Dark Souls was the most seminal gaming release in years. FromSoftware truly brought about a revolution in modern gaming by introducing a whole new style of games that would influence an entire generation of games.

Demon's Souls was an extremely well-made game with bold and new ideas, but it would be Dark Souls that broke the franchise onto the mainstream. The games have gone on to sell out millions of copies and are regarded as some of the best AAA games you can pick up today.

However, the original Dark Souls can feel a bit dated in terms of graphics and places like Blight Town are horrifying, not just because of the excruciating difficulty. The game still looks decent but one can always do with better graphics.

5 best games like Dark Souls but with better graphics

5) Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Respawn Entertainment have been on a hot streak of late, with back-to-back gaming hits such as Titanfall 2, Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The game borrows a lot of elements from Dark Souls when it comes to combat, and putting the game on higher difficulties can be quite daunting. While it isn't as punishing as other souls-like games, Fallen Order can still get extremely challenging.

The game also boasts of some pretty interesting level designs, making for an engaging combat and exploration experience. The game might just be the most accessible iteration of the souls-like genre.

4) The Surge


The Surge might come off as a bit derivative on the first look but minutes into the game, players will discover that it has a lot of original ideas that it manages to execute quite brilliantly.

The Surge and its sequel are quality games that take inspiration from games like Dark Souls and put their own spin on it. The combat system is extremely well developed, and the ranged attacks add a lot of flavor to an already robust system.

The game should be held in higher regard as it doesn't deserve to be dismissed as yet another Dark Souls clone.

3) Mortal Shell


Mortal Shell, in many ways, is the cinematic brethren of the Dark Souls franchise with its emphasis on movie-like camera movements and storytelling. Mortal Shell is relatively new to the scene and is making one hell of a racket as it is quickly becoming one of the more popular games of the year.

The game is as brutal and downright horrifying as the promotional material suggests and delves deeper into the horror aspects of the genre. Mortal Shell's progression system might be a bit flawed at this point, but it only takes some practice to get the best out of it.

2) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Sekiro takes everything great about the souls-like genre and adds a couple of neat touches to evolve the game formula with brilliant results. The game has a level of verticality never seen before in the Dark Souls franchise and FromSoftware really upped their game with this release.

Sekiro was received positively across the board as it managed to get a lot of things right. The grapple hook creates a lot of interesting gameplay opportunities, and the implementation of stealth mechanics also works wonders for the game.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the most essentials games of this generation and will forever be a mainstay of the genre.

1) Bloodborne


Bloodborne is the perfect game to play as Halloween rolls around as it wears its Lovecraftian influences on its sleeve and forces players to fight through their worst nightmares. The game can feel oppressive with its horror, and the atmosphere can truly weigh heavily on the player but it is precisely why people love these games.

Bloodborne rewards players for playing far more aggressively than they did in Dark Souls. Gone are your trusty shields as they are now replaced with guns that allow you to stagger your enemies and move in for a blow that deals a lot of damage.

The Rally System is an ingenious way to make players play more aggressively as each time players take a hit, there is a small window of opportunity to heal by attacking the enemy. This makes for a much faster-paced experience than Dark Souls and one that also looks terrifyingly gorgeous.