5 popular female streamers without makeup

Twitch streamers - Neekolul, InvaderVie
Twitch streamers - Neekolul, InvaderVie and Pokimane
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Over recent years, quite a few female streamers have gained traction on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. In some situations, their fans have been observed to be a bit over-appreciative of their efforts, regardless of the quality of the content. Some can be obsessed with female streamers, and love to analyze every aspect about their physical looks.

In the past, notable female streamers have used makeup live on streams, so much so that fans have called them out when they were caught without it. In this article, we look at five female streamers who were caught without makeup.

Five female streamers caught without 'makeup'


Pokimane is considered to be one of the most' simped on' streamers in the world. However, a couple of times, she has been caught without makeup, and fans were quick to point out that she looked entirely like a different person.

Image Credits: Fortnite vines,
Image Credits: Fortnite vines,

She started one of her streams without makeup, and it led to an entire controversy of sorts. You can look at the incident in the video below.


Over recent days, we have talked about InvaderVie multiple times. A few months ago, she bore the brunt of the internet because she went on a rant against her viewers who were not donating and subscribing to her stream.

Image Credits: Invadervie,
Image Credits: Invadervie,

Regardless, she has posted 'no makeup' pictures in the past. As you can see, she didn't look that different, and fans were happy with the look.


Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, has a rather staunch following for her modelling and costume-related content. In the past, she has posted pictures of herself without makeup.

Image Credits: r/amouranth,
Image Credits: r/amouranth,

Unlike in some other cases, such as that of Pokimane, her fans were genuinely content with the way she looked 'without makeup'.


Neekolul is an American Twitch and TikTok star. She is best known as the 'Ok Boomer' girl, a meme which got viral back in late 2019. In the past, she has posted some 'no makeup' pictures, and said that she wanted to scare her fans via the content. You can see the image posted on Twitter below.

Image Credits: neekolul,
Image Credits: neekolul,


Adept is an American streamer who has gained around 189k followers on Twitch. In November 2019, she got into a controversy and laid on her fans for spreading a photograph of her which was without makeup. You can see the picture below.

Image Credits: Adeptthebest,
Image Credits: Adeptthebest,

As it turns out, fans were using the picture to prove to each other that 'Adept' was ugly, which led to quite a heated response from the streamer. She was one of the only streamers who went after her fans for sharing such pictures of her.

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