5 retro PC games that can be played on Android in 2020


Now is a great time to be an Android-gaming enthusiast as plenty of great titles from the past have made their way over to the Android platform on Google Play Store.

As the Android and iOS platforms rise in popularity, plenty of developers are porting their games over to smartphones.

Some of the most beloved games from the past that were previously available for PC are now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. In this article, we look at some of the best retro games on the Play Store.

5 of the best Retro PC games on Android

5) Chrono Trigger


A beloved classic of RPG fans, Chrono Trigger, is one of the best games you can get for your Android device. From the minds of the brilliant Yuji Horii, and Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs ever created.

Even though there has been a lot of innovation in the genre, tonnes of players come back to Chrono Trigger for its undeniable charm and story.

4) Sonic The Hedgehog


Video game mascots cannot get any more iconic than Sonic the Hedgehog. The speedy game mascot has spawned in several videogames, as well as a live-action movie starring Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik.

The Android version of the game retains a lot of its charm from the original Sega Genesis, and is a competent game on smartphone devices.

3) Final Fantasy VII


The new remake of Final Fantasy VII may be out now for the PS4, but players would much rather play the game in its original form. They can play the game on Android devices.

A large portion of Square Enix's library is available on the Google Play Store, and the Final Fantasy series seems to be the most popular one.

2) Doom


The First-person shooter that is credited as one of the pioneers of the genre, along with Wolfenstein, Doom is simply one of the greats.

Combining fast-paced combat with brutal violence was the key to cracking open an entirely new market for video games: the modern first-person shooter. Doom is one of the best shooters on Android, in all its original art style glory.

1) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Fans of Symphony of the Night would pay the full price of the game to just listen to the iconic soundtrack "Bloody Tears", and rightfully so. Castlevania is simply one of the best games of the past, and is available on Android in its original form.

The game is still as great to play as it was at the time of its release, and the adventures of Trevor Belmont can never get old.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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