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5 things you didn't know you can do in WWE 2k18

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3.58K   //    30 Sep 2017, 23:46 IST

It's almost here!
It's almost here!

WWE 2k18 will be a landmark release for 2K Games as well as for fans of WWE video games as for the first time since the publisher acquired the licensing to produce and release WWE video games in 2013, we will see the debut of a new physics/game engine. A lot of promises have been made by the publisher but we will have to wait and see if they can deliver on at least most of them. Thankfully we won't have to wait too long since the game officially releases on October 17, 2017, on PS4, and Xbox One with a Switch release scheduled for Fall 2017 which will presumably be followed by a PC/Windows release in Q1 of 2018.

#1 The player will be able to roam freely in MyCareer mode

This one looks promising!

One of the biggest new additions to the WWE 2k18 is the ability to free roam as you please in the backstage areas of what should be the Performance Centre, in the beginning, and later NXT or one of the two main roster brand; RAW and SmackDown.

This should add a new dimension to rising up the card as a struggling Superstar who was just signed by the WWE and there is no doubt that the game mode that is meant to be a simulation of how it feels to be a WWE Superstar will be more immersive and enjoyable because of it. Let's just hope they let us receive missions or quests from WWE Superstars akin to the Tony Hawk games for example; it won't be an expansive open world like other games of generation but any freedom in terms of gameplay is more than welcome if you ask me.

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