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5 worst WWE video games ever

Sagnik Kundu
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2k17 had its flaws but there are some WWE games that are worse

WWE 2K18 is just round the corner and the hope is that it will be yet another huge step up from the current generation of wrestling games, improving on the already impressive 2K series.

When it comes to wrestling games, to be honest, we have been pretty spoiled in the recent years, especially after 2K’s overhaul, despite our nitpicking. But it has not always been plain sailing, has it? 

For three decades, WWE has been making games, starting way back with Micro League Wrestling in 1987. Although they have done well at creating decent video games, every now and then there has been a game more disgusting than Bastion Booger.

Here, we will take a look at five of the worst games based on the WWE product.

#5 WWE All Stars (2011)

WWE All Stars, released in 2011, is one of the worst WWE games (Credits: YouTube)

Released in 2011, this is the most recent game on this list. The premise was okay – pitting stars of the current roster with those of the past was probably a good idea. But the execution was horrific.

The game was more akin to ‘Beat them up’ rather than a wrestling game and this meant that nonsense combos and over the top moves were the order of the day. Basically, All Stars was just SmackDown on steroids, and with all the technicality gone.

The casual gamers might have been impressed with the fast gameplay and simplified controls, it actually worked against the game in being much TOO simple. Moreover, once you mastered the two-button control scheme there was barely anything else to enjoy.

For a while, it was fun – the pre-match montages were almost worth playing alone – but in retrospect, it just played on the nostalgia factor to lure players in.

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