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6 Best Football Games Available on PC, Mobile and PS4

Gautam Nath
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Football - the most popular sport in the world is enjoyed by everyone across all continents. Football has a following in so many different ways, from the real football played by clubs and international teams to fantasy football. Football is the simplest sport in the world, so it is easy for anyone to gather a following. 

But people also seem to enjoy the different simulations and video games that come close to real-world football. You get to relive playing as your favourite football stars in well-renowned grounds such as Old Trafford or Camp Nou. Or you can play just for fun because the game is fun.

When people think of football video games, most people tend to think only about FIFA. While there are other popular games such as Pro Evolution Soccer and Football Manager, there are many other games that are just as competitive. While the most optimized ones are released for PC or the PS4, football games for the mobile have appealed to people who don't have access to a PC or console.

In this list, we'll take a look at the six best football games for PC, PS4 and Mobile.

#6. Active Soccer 2 DX

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Available on: PS4, PS Vita

Active Soccer 2 DX is a game that will probably only attract a niche crowd. The game follows a very 90s arcade style of play without too much regard for game physics. It's a little clunky and weird, but it's definitely out of the ordinary in terms of football games. The camera angle is from above and gameplay dynamics are much simpler than most football games.

#5. Head Soccer

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Available On: iOS, Android


Head Soccer is a game which is more than just traditional football. The objective of the game is still to score a goal in your opponent's net. But in this, you have power-ups. The game also has six different game modes: Arcade, Survival, Tournament, Head Cup, Death, and League.

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