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7 Best iPhone Games Currently Available on iOS

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Image Courtesy: Playdead/Inside
Image Courtesy: Playdead/Inside

It has been over a decade since the original iPhone debuted in the market, and since then, the phone has only grown from strength to strength with the current generation of phones being one of the most powerful portable devices available on the market.

This allowed the developers to develop quite a few wonderful titles for the mobile platform that exploit the iPhone's processing power to the fullest. However, with the ever-expanding App Store, finding the perfect game could turn out to become a daunting task.

To help you with your hunt for the perfect game, this article covers the top-seven games that are currently available for the iPhone.

#7 Threes!

Threes!, the original 2048, is still a great game to play on the iPhone despite being released years ago.

This title requires the players to combined ones and two to form threes and then, combine multiples of threes for a high score. The simple mechanics and crisp design make Threes! a wonderful game during those long bus and subway rides.

Threes! won the 2014 Apple Game of the Year award and the 2014 Apple Design Award.

#6 Reigns: Game of Thrones

Released in October 2018, Reigns: Game of Thrones follows the similar gameplay style of the previous games in the Reigns series. Developed by Nerial, this title features all the iconic Game of Thrones characters and players must try to seize control over the seven kingdoms by taking the appropriate decisions.


The minimalistic art and subtle sound will appeal to the vast majority while the simple swiping mechanics of the game make it ideal for iPhones.

#5 Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey is easily the most-beautiful endless runner title that hit the stores in 2018. The game features the player drifting across the beautiful deserts alongside spectacular sound design and moving soundtrack. With all these elements, Alto's Odyssey manages to replace the frantic action that is usually seen in endless runners with a calmer experience.

Alto's Odyssey managed to claim the 2018 Apple Design Award.

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