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"A complete lie": Pyrocynical denies grooming allegations in response video 

Image via Pyrocynical/ YouTube
Image via Pyrocynical/ YouTube
Modified 19 Dec 2020, 00:36 IST

UK-based YouTuber Niall, aka Pyrocynical, has finally broken his silence in an official response video, months after being accused of grooming a 15-year old.

Back in October, a Twitter user by the name of Ivory Rasmus, posted a series of tweets, where he accused the YouTuber of grooming him.

He then proceeded to share screenshots, where he claims that he received explicit graphics from who claimed to be Pyrocynical, even though the name appeared as a "Deleted User" in the screenshots:

In light of these allegations, Pyrocynical issued a statement on his subreddit, where he called the accusations a "100% false and incredibly irresponsible." Pyrocynical also went on to clarify that he had had no idea that Ivory was underage when they began communicating.

However, things took a turn for the worse when recently, a YouTube commentator by the name of Turkey Tom, released a lengthy Google Document, where he compiled what he believed to be groundbreaking evidence against the 23-year old YouTuber.

From revealing incriminating DM's of Pyrocynical's girlfriend Ida, to comparing him to another accused groomer, Red Kiwiz, Turkey Tom's document ended up opening another can of worms.


In light of mounting pressure, Pyrocynical recently released a detailed response video on YouTube, where he debunks all the allegations against him.

Pyrocynical apologizes to ivory, but denies ever grooming him

Right at the beginning of the video, Pyrocynical gets straight to the point and clarifies his stance on the entire situation, by calling out the YouTube commentary community for buying into the document leaked by Turkey Tom:

"This is categorically untrue and a complete lie . The supposed proof for these insane allegations is paper thin and embarrassingly wrong."
"I just want to be clear- I have never lied at any point, this document disingenuous, manipulative and it fails to include so much of my original statement."

He then goes on to meticulously debunk the document and labels it manipulative for propagating "broken" and "limited" evidence.


From taking accountability over his affinity towards taking part in various fairy roleplay conversations, which he deems "degenerate," to admitting that his girlfriend Ida's behaviour towards Ivory is certainly questionable, the rest of the video touches upon each and every aspect of the allegation.

Throughout the video, Pyrocynical seems to focus solely on clearing the air, rather than attempting to evoke undue sympathy upon himself.

He also apologizes to Ivory for being negligent and careless. However, he stands his ground by reiterating one final time that he never groomed Ivory, or anyone for that matter:

"I want to apologize to Ivory and anyone else with whom I did the fairy roleplay garbage with . It happened, it was my responsibility to verify age and I never did and I am sorry for that. "
"If you've either insinuated, contributed or directly called me a pedophile who groomed someone knowing they were 15, that is a completely false claim."

With Pyrocynical finally sharing his side of the story, expect the fallout to be massive in the upcoming days, as Twitter leads the charge by playing judge, jury and executioner.

Published 19 Dec 2020, 00:36 IST
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