A new COD Mobile game is being developed by Activision's new studio, "Activision Mobile"

COD Mobile will soon be joined by a new Call of Duty title from Activision Mobile (Image via Activision)
COD Mobile will soon be joined by a new Call of Duty title from Activision Mobile (Image via Activision)
Danyal Arabi

After nearly two years as Activision's sole endeavor in the mobile market for Call of Duty, COD Mobile will soon have to share space with a new title being developed by Activision's new studio., "Activision Mobile."

The news comes via a few job listings on the company's site that indicate that they have established a new internal mobile development studio to build a new COD Mobile title.

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Activision Mobile in charge of new COD Mobile title


The job listing and studio description for Activision Mobile more or less confirms the existence of a COD Mobile successor that Activision claims will be developed as a AAA title.

"Activision Mobile is an emerging team within Activision Publishing focusing on both publishing and live-operations for Call of Duty Mobile along with our new in-house studio dedicated to the development of AAA mobile titles. Designed around the singular focus of creating the best games in our space, ours is a mobile studio like no other. Developing in collaboration with Activision studios around the world, work on a new AAA mobile game in the Call of Duty franchise has begun."

The website has job openings open for a producer that hints at the game's nascent stage, where much of its creative vision and execution is yet to be set in stone.

A screengrab of the job descroption (Image via Activision)
A screengrab of the job description (Image via Activision)

With expectations high from mobile gaming after the success of COD Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile (beta), Activision will be looking to pull out all the stops for the next COD Mobile title.

Where this leaves the existing game in the smartphone gaming ecosystem remains to be seen. Considering the move to shut down Call of Duty: Online in China and moving their user base to COD Mobile, wasting the endeavor in favor of the new game would be a complete waste of resources that most likely won't happen.

Players must wait to see what plans Activision has for the future of COD Mobile.

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