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After Road Rash return announcement, Contra next in line for potential release in 2018

Exactly 30 years since its first release, Contra is likely to return on Console and PC.

News 27 Mar 2017, 17:41 IST
It's been 30 years since the original Contra first released 

On November 13, 2007, Konami announced the return of a cult video game named Contra. The eleventh instalment was specifically targetted towards the Nintendo DS, and mobile market. Despite attaining critical acclaim, including best mobile shooting game award by IGN, the game failed to reach the masses due to is non-availability on console and PC.

However, sources close to WayForward Technologies, the game’s original developer, they are currently aiming at a commercial release in late 2018, exactly three decades since the first ever edition came out. Additionally, the game will also be released on Virtual Reality, due to an increase in demand for games on the medium. 

A survey carried last year showed an overwhelming number of consumers requesting for Contra’s return on the console. Our source said, “We have been in talks with Konami about the game, meetings have resulted in a positive outcome as they were quite happy with the previous version.

“We are looking to launch it for PS 4, Xbox, PC and VR, the attempt is to create a mass version for the game and help Contra earn the pioneer status as before. Execution is yet to begin, but talks are quite positive right now. If we begin in June, we should be ready by January. Let’s see how things go.” 

The game will be divided into two different categories – Arcade and Challenger, the former will have all the nine stages as the previous versions such as Contra and Super Contra. There will be three difficulty settings, Easy, Medium and Hard. The Challenger mode will have various tasks for the player to complete with varying difficulty. This is a similar format to Contra 4, but there will be an upgrade when it comes to characters. 

There were several version released in Asia, specifically the Japanese market, but our source confirmed that this will be a world-wide release. He added,”As I said, we will not be putting any restrictions, we have been instructed to create a game for the masses, and our goal will be for proper execution across all platforms. If it will release in Asia separately, that will be a call for Konami to take, not us.” 

The Nintendo DS still has the classic game available for download, but this development will definitely bring a smile to all 90’s gamers who spent hours on their TV screens, attempting perfect their craft. 

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