Aim assist in PUBG Mobile: All you need to know

All you need to know about aim assist in PUBG Mobile
All you need to know about aim assist in PUBG Mobile
Prashant Soni

PUBG Mobile has grown enormously in the mobile gaming community and has also seen an exponential increase in its active player base recently. With so many playing the game for hours, competition has increased, and so have the skillset of players.

In PUBG Mobile, aim assist is a feature that helps in aiming, and is used to compensate for the lack of precise control when using controllers. It fundamentally allows players to have better aim and control their cross-hair placement while playing on controllers or mobile devices.

We analyse, in detail, this feature in PUBG Mobile to help players get the best use out of it.


Let us look at the advantages of aim assist in PUBG Mobile.

1) The aim

This system has been explicitly designed to help a player aim better. A lot of concepts are put to the test while using aim assist, which results in a considerable improvement in the aim of players.

2) Reaction speed

The reactions of the human body play a key role in mapping out how the aim assist will behave during gameplay. Hence, it is crucial to include this in the parameters that govern the aiming system. On average, a player might take anywhere between 300ms to 500ms when reacting to something in the game. This improves with the help of the aim assist feature.


Now for its demerits in PUBG Mobile.

1) Long-range projectiles

When dealing with long-range weapons, aim assist is usually dampened. The reason being that adding aim assist to long-range projectiles would make them a big hack. Many times, the algorithm also pushes shots from the head to the body, which is a nuisance.

2) Multiple targets

In a lot of cases, the aim assist seems to only detract from the fight, as it feels too intrusive, and the algorithms governing the gameplay can become a burden. Therefore, it is always a good idea to turn it down when there are a lot of targets in the field of vision.

Does aim assist benefit new players in PUBG Mobile?

It does profit new players in the short term, helping them aim at the body of nearby enemies with relative ease. While the player still has to do a majority of the work, this feature cuts down on the reaction time.

Due to the algorithm preference of body shots, the chance of getting a headshot gets reduced slightly, unless the gamer knows how to abuse the system (aiming somewhat above so that the cursor gets dragged down).

Here's how you to control recoil using aim assist:


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